Personal Info Edit

Height: 6’5 (196)

Weight: 269 (122)

Weapon: Assimilated Soul Edge/Calibur

Weapon Name: Soul Edge (4), Soul Calibur (4), Power of Astral Chaos (5)

Style: Control of the Stream of Power (4), MediaWiki:Badtitletext

Soul: Absolution

Stages Edit

Tower of Remembrance: Degradation (4-BD)

Tower of Glory: Most Holy Dichotomy

Themes Edit

Supreme Sword (4)

Thanatos (4)

Regalia (5)

History Edit

Soul Calibur 4 Edit

Algol, also known as "The Hero King," was able to obtain Soul Edge, and with his indomitable will, he resisted the sword's control. According to the legend, he used the sword to spread peace among the lands, building the Tower of Glory as a monument to his reign. His son, Arcturus, jealous of his father's power and unaware of the sword's malevolent properties, stole Soul Edge for himself and was possessed. Faced with no other choice, Algol battled and defeated his son with a fatal strike.

Deeply remorseful after his son's death, Algol endeavored to create a sword to counter the evil within Soul Edge. The legend says that, using purified shards obtained from the battle with his son and the assistance of various sages, Algol was able to create Soul Calibur after many failed attempts and the sacrifice of his own life. However, the "successful" ritual produced unexpected results: the blade created was extremely similar in nature to Soul Edge due to the restlessness in Algol's soul. The tribe that was tasked with the protection of the new sword slowly purified it into the weapon as it appears in the series, sealing the Hero King's soul, keeping his thirst for power dormant over the centuries. Algol's soul wound up in Astral Chaos, where it settled into a deep slumber. As he slept the chaotic energies of Astral Chaos transformed his soul into an avatar of war and domination.

During the immense surge of power released when the cursed sword and the spirit sword clashed, Algol's soul, then formless, awakened and absorbed a small fraction of the energy. With what little he gained, he built himself a body fashioned after his older one as well as a tower built in the image of his old Tower of Glory, which he deemed the "Tower of Remembrance", to reside in. Algol knew that it all would not last—once the power he absorbed had been exhausted, everything he created would disappear like a mirage. He needed to obtain the swords if he intended to remain a reality. The Tower of Remembrance's sudden appearance would draw warriors to him. The swords, he knew, must be amongst them. Forging himself weapons based on memories of the cursed sword and the spirit sword, he waited patiently for the first arrivals.

Soul Calibur 5 Edit

When Nightmare opened a portal to Astral Chaos, Algol desired to conquer the mortal realm. He clashed with Mitsurugi, but during their fight Soul Edge was destroyed and Algol was pulled back into Astral Chaos. Always a man in search of a conquest, Algol placed his eyes on taking over the real world by corrupting it with the energy of the Astral Chaos. In trying to do so, he's attempting to control the energies of the realm, which forms his ethereal body. Edge Master is the only one who notices this "corruption" going on, and has entered the Chaos to fight the Hero King. However, he's not sure he can keep up with him, even if going all-out.

Algol desires to reclaim Soul Edge - which he considers to be the symbol of his power as the ultimate ruler, and Soul Calibur - which he considers to be symbol of his time as a mortal king - as he believes they are the only weapons worthy of being wielded by him.


Soul Calibur 4

Algol defeats Siegfried and claims Soul Calibur, using his power to resurrect himself. However, even with his new body and power, he is unable to undo the past. As the new sovereign of this world, he decides he must not look back, claiming a true sovereign doesn't have that luxury.

The text-only epilogue then says What the resurrected Algol aims to achieve is an eternal rule that will never die.

Critical Finish Edit

Wasat Almeisan: Algol blasts his opponents into the air with bolts of energy from his hands. He then teleports above them, and punches them to the ground. Once they hit the ground, he ensures that they stay there by dropping his throne on top of them, and then sits on his throne, to patiently await the next arrival.

Critical Edge Edit

Al Gamar Qahhar/Al Shams Qahhar: Unlike the other characters, Algol has two parts to his Critical Edge and both spend an entire gauge though it is one of the most powerful in the game as it can take off more than half of the receiver's health. He starts by raising his fist in the air and shouts "Sleep for eternity!", bringing down his throne on top of them, stunning them from the sheer weight of it. Performing the combination again while in this state will cause Algol to teleport on top of the throne and declare "The mighty Algol has no equal!", crossing his legs which causes the full weight of him and his throne to crush his opponent.

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