Personal Info Edit

Birthdate: June 16

Birthplace: USA

Age: 17

Height: 5’2 (158)

Weight: 106 (43)

Blood: AB

Job: Nurse

History Edit

In the pachinko games, she follows Terry around often cheering for him and his friends.

In Days of Memories, Alice is a nurse in training attending to the protagonist. She is born of half-Japanese and American descent, her full name being Alice Garnet Nakata. Before she decided to pursue her profession, she lived her summers and winters in America and her springs and falls in Japan. Her sunny attitude and cheerful energy keeps everyone in high spirits. She isn't the best at her job, often unintentionally harming her patients during her treatments, and she is secretly afraid that she'll be fired for incompetence. Due to a conspiracy created by Magaki, she'll experience the same dreams as the protagonist.

Powers Edit

Chrysler Shout

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