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See also: Patroklos Alexandra

Weapon: Iai Blade Soul Calibur

Weapon Name: Iai Sword Soul Calibur

Style: Shinden Tsushima-ryu Battōjyutsu

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Astral Chaos: Pathway

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Virtuous Heart

History Edit

Patroklos met her at a bazaar in Istanbul. Her name was Setsuka, and she was a master of battoh-style sheath-based sword attacks.

Known as "Neve" to those around her, Setsuka had been taking in orphans and teaching them to defend themselves. Upon seeing her lightning-fast sword techniques, Patroklos begged her to teach him. She agreed, and allowed him to join the orphans in their training.

Driven by his single-minded lust for revenge, Patroklos learned at a surprisingly fast pace, but his teacher expressed little joy at his progress. Setsuka had once lived for revenge herself, and she admonished him not to lose his heart to such dark desires.

Young and brash, Patroklos took umbrage at her words and turned his back on his teacher. Looking back on it now, Patroklos realizes that the woman he spurned may have been the closest thing he'd ever had to a mother; what he'd run away from was not Setsuka, but his own heart.

Clenching the transformed spirit sword tightly, Patroklos swore a solemn vow: "I shall run no more!"

With his shield being shattered, Patroklos wields Soul Calibur as his only weapon. Though at first he allows Elysium to dominate his will, believing her to be his mother's spirit, eventually he realizes that she is simply the embodiment of Soul Calibur. After killing Pyrrha and bringing peace to the world, he goes back in time and makes the decision to save her instead. This draws the ire of Elysium, who imprisons him in a mass of crystalic ice.

In his mind, he battles Elysium while the malfested Pyrrha chips away his crystalline prison, and they rid the world of both swords afterward. Though Pyrrha retains her clawed hand, Patroklos decides to accept her for who she is this time.

Critical Edge

Transcending Rapture: α Patroklos sprints forward and swings a devastatingly fast blow at his opponent, crystallizing them as he sheathes his sword. His Critical Edge is similar to Setsuka's Critical Finish from Soulcalibur 4.

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