Personal Info Edit

Birthplace: Rouen, French Empire (France)

Gender: Female

Weapon: Rapier

Weapon Name: Albion

Style: La Rapiere des Sorel

Soul: Loyalty

Stages Edit

Romanian Valley: Castle Siege (3)

Wolfkrone Monument (4)

Dark Capital Ostrheinsburg (BD)

History Edit

Soul Calibur 2 Edit

In Soulcalibur II, Amy was a poor orphan who lived on the streets of Rouen. Her parents died of a plague (Black Death) that had spread across all of Europe during this time period. She had no other family to go to after the loss of her parents. One day, she came across a man named Raphael Sorel, who was being chased by the local authorities. She hid Raphael from the soldiers who were pursuing him; though only in spite of the soldiers, who ran her poverty-stricken town. As Raphael had never owed his life to anyone before, he felt he must protect and repay her. He felt something he never had before for Amy, so he took her into his home and looked after her as his own daughter, to repay her for the kindness she had shown to him.

Soul Calibur 3 Edit

Raphael had left her, left this castle home behind. She knew he had done it for her sake, because he wanted her to be happy more than anything else in the world. She understood, nevertheless she was restless without him.

Amy recalled the days before they arrived in these lands, when they had lived in the west. And she remembered the day he had returned from a long journey. He had collapsed on the floor at once, having incurred deep wounds. Far from ordinary wounds, these were infected and gave off a strange stench. After several days they showed no signs of healing. When she tried to clean the wounds, the viscous fluid that stuck to her skin was the wrong color: a baleful shade close to black.

By the time he began to recover, the aberrations had spread over his whole body, as well as to the girl who had nursed him. The shadows that had seeped out of the darkness had stained them the same color. This was the power of Soul Edge, a phenomenon called "malfestation". Amy understood that the two of them had stepped beyond the boundaries of humanity.

"Be a good girl. I'll be back in a while."

Those were the last words to her, but Amy had to ponder them for a moment. Even the most dutiful fledgling takes flight when the longing for its parents grows too strong.

(The cursed sword, Soul Edge. Did he leave in order to find it again?)

A single butterfly was being tossed about on the cold night winds like a lonely star drifting far from heaven; like a soul freed from all its burdens. Silently, with all her feelings tucked away where none could read them, Amy pushed open the door.

Ending Edit

Soul Calibur 4 Edit

With Soul Calibur in his power, Raphael attempts to use the sword to create a new world for Amy and himself. When the sword didn't react to his request, Raphael slaughter his two personal servants, claiming that this world now truly belongs to only himself and Amy, judging that his maidens should never have been here. As he cackles maniacally, Amy sneaks up from behind the megalomaniac and pushes him into the edge before him, though this certainly does no lasting harm to Raphael. She smiles mischievously when the words "RING OUT!" humorously featured alongside the announcer's voiceover. The text-only epilogue then says, thus, confirming that Amy would never truly hurt her father:

"And then, Amy and Raphael created their own new world..."

Critical Finish Edit

Thousand Roses: In Amy's Critical Finish, she rapidly stabs her opponent like Raphael's Unending Stings and pink rose petals appear when hit. After the second to last hit, as a final blow she does a slow motion hit and the opponent is flung a far distance with rose petals falling. After that, she says, "Pathetic." If she does this against Raphael, she will instead ask, "Does it hurt?" Scheherazade also use this critical finish but a feather will appear instead of rose petals.

Weapon Arts Edit

Arcunum Columba: This is one of her signature moves, High Arc, which now is a Break Attack. Before performing it, Amy bows down to her opponent in animation, the same she did during her taunt in SCIII, dodging all coming attacks, and immediately delivers a blow. During the hit time freezes for a few seconds. It's very simple to create a combo both before and after the move, but the range of this Weapon Art is pretty short. If the attack is landed, the opponent is thrown behind you, never hitting the wall, so you can keep on beating him. You can also turn around and activate it again and again, or to do so after performing Circular Blitz every time after the Weapon Art. The effect of the move remains the same, when opponent is hit while standing, lying on the ground or caught in the middle-air and he'll never be stunned by it. It easily turns into a combo, extends wall combos and is absolutely safe if blocked by the opponent.

Bloody Funeral: That's a transformation of Amy's Unblockable Attack into a Weapon Art. At the beginning there's an animation of her turning around, and then she momentously unleashes a piercing blow on the opponent. This Break Attack have a nice combination of a long range, almost immediate start and great combo possibilities, including unlimited consecutive use of the move. The opponent is hit even if he lies idly on the ground and it's pretty simple to catch him with this attack in the air. He won't be stunned after being attacked by it in any case. There's a small chance of being hit by the opponent's middle or low attacks after the animation, but all high attacks will surely be avoided. Being safe even when blocked, this Weapon Art can also be used as a beginning of a wall combo.

Abyssal Reaper: That's a rapid combination of Lilith Parry and Dark Abyss. At first Amy lowers her rapier, performing Lilith Parry, after that there's a slight side step of hers with the animation, in which she says "It's your fault", drawing the rapier closer to her chest, and at last she releases a deadly mid-range (virtually long-range) Break Attack as she jumps forward. Her sword no longer emits purple glow during Lilith Parry. The effect of the Weapon Art depends on whether the Lilith Parry is activated by a coming middle or high attack of the opponent. If Guard Impact goes off, the opponent bounces off the ground after the blow, enabling Amy to perform a combo, if not, the opponent is just knocked down to the ground, in that case he can hit the wall. Either way, this attack does massive damage (though it's stronger if Guard Impact has been activated), doesn't stun the opponent, cannot be stopped and is extremely efficient during a fight. It always causes a Guard Burst, in case the opponent is guarding. In spite of its low chaining abilities, this move is a perfect way to stop endless series of the opponent's attacks. It possible sometimes to extend a wall combo with it and turn some regular attacks like Bleak Touch or Soaring Flutter into a combo. The strike is vertical, but nevertheless, the opponent is still unlikely to side-step it. Furthermore, she never jumps over the enemy during it, even when he's on the ground. In its version with Guard Impact, another Abyssal Reaper will go as a combo, but it won't without it.

Stray Ghost: This Weapon Art is more often referred to as a "vampire bite". It's a grab, which can be performed at any distance, but there are certain details. Once it's activated colors on the screen fade and Amy does her taunt movement (she combs her hair), saying "What are you scared of?", then she turns around and walks ahead, but she also flickers rapidly until she appears behind the enemy, says "Come to me", colors go back to normal and she grabs him, biting his neck. The movement of the grab itself is that of Raphael's female version of Mermet de Vec with 15 hits, where the first one is about thrice as damaging as the rest fourteen. It has the same "healing" abilities if you press the required buttons. She teleports behind the opponent's back regardless of the distance between them and it also works on enemies when they crouch, so it's fair to call it a middle grab. It has an immediate start, which enables you to perform a great amount of combos and wall combos with it at the end. This throw won't fail even when a stunned enemy is almost on the ground after an attack (though it depends on the angle), but it works only on opponents on their feet. Under no circumstances you can be interrupted while performing it. However, even a move like this has its drawbacks. At first, it isn't very damaging and it takes a lot of time. And since she vanishes and emerges behind the enemy, there are particular nuances when the opponent is standing close to the wall or the edge of the arena. If that occurs, then Amy will appear not behind, but in front of him and it will work nicely unless there's a distance between you and the enemy. For some reason, this gap will remain the same after her teleportation and she'll simply grab the air, although it won't fail if at the beginning of the activation Amy is standing backwards. All things considered, Stray Ghost is quite a unique and fun Weapon Art to use, as grabs have never been so easy to create a combo with, let alone an unlimited distance and health restoration it provides.

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