Personal Info Edit

Title: Psychic Powered Idol

Birthdate: March 14

Age: 17-18

Birthplace: Japan

Height: 5’4 (163)

Weight: 108 (49)

Blood: B

Job: Pop Singer, Student

Style: Psychic Power, Kenpo

Story Edit

Athena is a modern day high school girl in Japan. She teamed up with her friend, Sie Kensou, to fight in the name of justice. In Psycho Soldiers, she was one of the "heroes of light" who defended the world from the Shiguma forces. Her psychic powers are believed to be transmigrated to her rather than inherited by her family. As such, she is sometimes referred to as the resurrected Athena who is gifted with esper-like powers.

In the King of Fighters series, she is a student of Kensou's Kenpo teacher, Chin Gentsai. She has spent most of her life secluded in China's mountains training. Her team participates in the tournaments as a form of training and to save the populace from an apparent future threat. Other times, they enter to disrupt any evil forces they may feel at the time. In the 1996 tournament, Chin seemed perturbed by the energy he sensed and didn't want his students to be involved with it. However, they surprise him by redoubling their enthusiasm for the event and they enter.

Their success in the tournament is shown in the following year where they receive a mountain of adoring fan letters. Athena in particular had a boost in popularity and stardom. However, Chin rejects their proposal to enter King of Fighters since he doesn't want his students to forget the purpose of their training. Determined to change his mind, Athena presents him with an inspirational letter from Kaoru Watabe. The contents in the letter helps her argument that their publicity moves people to do better things, which is essentially another way of saving people. Convinced that his students are improving, he allows them to enter once more.

In the aftermath of KOF '97, the Psycho Soldiers meet Kaoru, who now travels with them to most of their engagements and was even a striker in KOF 2000.

By this time in the series, Athena becomes a famous pop-star who is rising the charts with her concerts. She welcomes the new recruit, Bao, warmly and hopes that he does his best. Additionally, she grows concerned for Kensou once he lost his powers though she remains optimistic that they might return during the tournament on a spur-of-the-moment notice.

Her team's backstory in The MediaWiki:Badtitletext reveals that the team was there during the collapse of NESTS's base in the finals. During that time, Athena was caught underneath the falling rubble and passed out. Though he has no memory of it, Kensou saved her with a formidable latent energy. Ever since then, Bao suffered from a mysterious fatigue and illness. This same energy is later revealed to be the "Dragon's Spirit". Though she has her doubts with her master's methods, she wearily agrees to join the tournaments in this saga to treat Bao and Kensou's predicament. In the team's story in The King of Fighters 2000 she, Chin and Kaoru Watabe witness Bao's near heroic sacrifice as he takes a the NESTS satellite's energy beam to protect them, and how this leads to Kensou recovering his powers when he absorbs the rest of the energy.

For the first time since the beginning of KOF, the Psycho Soldiers did not enter the tournament in KOF 2003 since Kensou and Bao went on a year long training mission with Chin to master Kensou's unreliable "Dragon's Spirit". Not wanting to miss out on her annual fix of tournament competition, Athena joined forces with Hinako Shijou and Malin to form the High School Girls team, a strange but rather successful partnership. For KOF XI, Athena reunites with Kensou after his year of training, and Momoko, one of Athena's fans with psychic capabilities.

Though neither Athena nor the other Psycho Soldiers have much connection with the major plot in KOF 2003 through KOF XI, it seems she is destined to soon struggle alongside Kensou and Bao against the evil and powerful Ron and his henchmen, who intend to steal the Dragon's Spirit.

Power Edit




Psychic Projectile

Psychic Energy Strike


Psychic Barrier

Psychic Reflector

Psychic Healing

Electro-Psychic Surge

Skill Edit




Web Design


Music Edit

Psycho Soldier: KOF (King of Fighters 94, King of Fighters 02, Athena on Stage)

Senritsu no Dora (MediaWiki:Badtitletext, King of Fighters 98, King of Fighters 98: Unlimited Match, MediaWiki:Badtitletext)

Psycho Soldier Remix 96 (King of Fighters 96)

Psycho Soldier Remix 97 (King of Fighters 97, King of Fighters R-1, SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium)

Shin: Senritsu no Dora (98, 98: UM)

Psyco Sonic Trip: Dance at the Paddy Field (King of Fighters 99)

You Feel for Me (King of Fighters 03, AOS)

Pure: At Good Old Days (King of Fighters 11, King of Fighters 13)

Purity Soldiers (KOF 13)

Psycho Soldier: Super Chinese Remix (King of Fighters 02: Unlimited Match)

Athena (Athena: Awakening from the Ordinary Life)

Life of an Idol (Days of Memories)

Psychic Madonna (DOM)

Psycho Dancer (100 Mega Shock)

Psycho Soldier (Psycho Soldier)

My Love: Yuki wo Dashite (KOF 95, 98: UM)

Let’s Fall in Love (KOF 96)

Koi wo Machi Kirenai (Neo Geo DJ Station)

Present Holiday (KOF 98)

Open Your Eyes (Neo Geo DJ Station 2)

Kizudarake no Blue Moon (PS, KOF 11)

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