Personal Info Edit

Birthdate: February 4, 1973

Age: 22-33                                          

Birthplace: USA

Height: 5’6 (168)

Weight: 108 (49)

Blood Type: AB

Job: Private Detective

Style: Commando Sambo

History Edit

Legend of the Hungry Wolf Edit

Her former lover, Butch, and her father had worked together as fellow colleagues in the secret service. While on a mission protecting the president, they were both shot and killed by terrorists. Devastated by the loss, it is said she has never smiled again since the incident. The leather jacket she wears is a keepsake given to her as a gift from Butch.

Having been taught by her former lover how to fight, she becomes a freelancer. Throughout the series, she takes on various odd jobs to investigate mysterious cases. During this time, she meets Terry and the two become good friends.

King of Fighters Edit

In this series, her work was far from over. One day, a mysterious benefactor requested her services to enter the King of Fighters tournament, along with Billy Kane and Ryuji Yamazaki.

During the outcome of the tournament, it was discovered that Yamazaki had become more and more insane due to the Orochi blood coursing through his veins and that Billy was sent by Geese to keep an eye on him in order to learn the secret of the Orochi power. However, during a moment of confusion, Yamazaki escaped and Mary was left to ponder on Geese's motives and the root of the situation.

Following its conclusion, Terry Bogard informs her of the NESTS cartel and their actions occurring in Southtown. With a new goal in mind to stop the organization, Mary joins the Women's Team along with King, Kasumi Todoh, and Li Xiangfei, and the "Lonely Wolves" in 2000 and 2001 to assist in stopping NESTS in the following tournaments, eventually leading to its demise.

In 2003, she joins the tournament to investigate the movements of Those from the Past and teams up with former teammate King, as well as another Legend of the Hungry Wolf Team alumna Mai Shiranui. In KOF XI, Mary teamed up with Vanessa and Ramon to continue her case.

Powers Edit

Ignore Weight

Energy Attack

Skills Edit

Motorcycle Driving

Detective Skills

Music Edit

Kiss Me (LHW 3, RB LHW, KOF 98: UM)

Blue Mary’s Blues (RB LHW Special, RB LHW 2, KOF 97, KOF 98, KOF 98: UM)

Sha La La (KOF 99)

Terry 115 (KOF 00)

All OK (KOF 01)

Alluring Time (KOF 02)

I’m Hot for You (KOF 03)

Secret Circumstances (KOF 11)

Masquerade (KOF 02: UM)

Remains of My Love: Sunset Sky Part 5 (LHW 3)

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