Personal Info Edit

Birthdate: October 21

Age: 38-39

Birthplace: South Korea

Height: 7'5 (227)

Weight: 675 (306)

Blood: B

Job: Former Criminal, Student

Weapon: Steel Ball

Style: Power Striking, Taekwondo

History Edit

He was once a feared and violent criminal in Korea. He was spotted by Kim Kaphwan from a prison's surveillance footage and he wanted to use Chang's strength "for justice". Though Chang easily broke out of prison, he was caught by Kim and forced to undergo Kim's "Rehabilitation project" in KOF. During this time, he befriends a fellow convict who was also caught by Kim, Choi Bounge. Together, they initially schemed for ways of escape but they eventually mellow out and enjoy their companions' company — with protests saying otherwise.

Because both him and Choi convinced Kim to join the Garou Team in The King of Fighters XI, they appear in the Garou Team's ending celebrating with them at the PaoPao Cafe. Since they have been deemed "rehabilitated" by their original master, Chang and his smaller companion realize that Kim is on the look out for more villains to reshape and worry for the new victims' future.

Power Edit

Super Strength

Music Edit

Yuu (King of Fighters 94)

Ryo (King of Fighters 95)

Seoul Road (King of Fighters 96)

Seoul Town (King of Fighters 98)

Way to Rebirth (King of Fighters 99)

Wild Party (King of Fighters 00)

Nerichagi (King of FIghters 01)

Let's Go to Seoul (King of FIghters 02)

Seoul Love (King of Fighters 03)

Seoul Town: Justice (King of FIghters 02: Unlimited Match)

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