Personal Info Edit

Gender: Male

Weapon: Death Scythe, Wave Sword

Weapon Name: Charade

Style: Mind Scan

Soul: Creation

Stage Edit

Egyptian Ruins (2)

History Edit

Soul Calibur 2 Edit

Charade is the form of a man who is weary from war-torn lands and dreaming of adventure. He finds the legends of Soul Edge, and begins to find its fragments. He is eventually murdered by bandits who had heard a rumor circulating in the cities of a man overly-protective of his possessions. Still grasping the fragments, his corpse is thrown into a river. The blood from the hands forms around the fragments due to the man's tenacity to protect his precious fragments. This being seeks out to find more shards, so it can devour them and become whole. He eventually becomes part of the Soul Edge. Charade is able to scan minds of warriors it confronts, and then creates weapons out of its body to accommodate the fighting style it imitates. When the Soul Embrace was formed, Charade's power appeared to have weakened in response to Soul Edge's dormant state.

In Soulcalibur 4, Nightmare summons the remaining fragments of Soul Edge to Ostrheinsburg Castle to become whole. Among them are the second Soul Edge created by Cervantes and fragments that have become half-living creatures, one of which might have been Charade.

Endings Edit

Soul Calibur 2 Edit

It neither knew the reason nor cared why. But it had to return, and when they found one another, it was like finding oneself. They melted together and formed one sword, then quietly closed its eye and slept, unknown to the world. It sleeps even to this day, awaiting the next hand to grasp its hilt.

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