Personal Info Edit

Birthdate: October 25

Age: 35-36

Birthplace: South Korea

Height: 5 (153)

Weight: 97 (44)

Blood: B

Job: Former Criminal, Student

Weapon: Steel Claw

Style: Speed Brawling, Taekwondo         

History Edit

He was a late-night predator who chanced to have stalked on Kim during one of his nightly walks. After he was bested by his prey, Choi was forced by Kim to undergo his "Rehabilitation project", in hopes of using the criminal's skills not "in the name of evil". During this time, he also met and befriended fellow criminal, Chang Koehan. Since then, the two have attempted to escape from Kim's training with little success, stressed often to the point of comic relief. The situation hasn't gotten any more lenient with the arrival of Jhun Hoon, who shares Kim's overzealous passion for justice and rehabilitation.

Because both Chang and him convinced Kim to join the Garou Team in The King of Fighters XI, they appear in the Garou Team's ending celebrating with them at the Pao Pao Cafe. Since they have been deemed "rehabilitated" by their original master, Choi and his larger companion realize that Kim is on the look out for more villains to reshape and worry for the new victims' future.

Power Edit

Super Speed

Hurricane Spin

Music Edit

Yuu (94)

Shuddering Gong (95)

Seoul Road (96)

Seoul Town (98)

Way to Rebirth (99)

Wild Party (00)

Nerichagi (01)

Let’s Go to Seoul (02)

Seoul Town: Justice (02: Unlimited Match)

Choi Bounge March (97)

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