Personal Info Edit

Birthplace: Epistema, Halteese Republic

Gender: Male

Birthdate: July 10

Age: 45

Height: 5’5 (165)

Weight: 179 (81)

Blood Type: B

Weapon: Steel Fan

Weapon Name: Baindigart

Style: Kim Fan Arts

Stages Edit

Valentine Mansion (3)

History Edit

Demuth is the youngest of three sons of The Halteese' Royal Family. He's a glutton by nature, greatly enjoying big meals and fine drinks. One day Chester appeared before him and explained that, since he never cared for the throne, his two older brothers were already going to take it, and that his chances of taking it now were near zero.

As Demuth pondered on the idea of assassinating his brothers, Chester offered a different plan: using the small territory his brothers arranged for him to rule, he would create a kingdom of his own, Maletta. After defeating the Halteese Army, Maletta was recognized as an independent kingdom. Demuth then planned the take of Halteese to expand its territories.

Although he was successful on assaulting Halteese's capital Epistema, his troops are forced back by Grandall's units, lead by the player. Upon his failures, Chester took the advantage and proclaimed himself King of Maletta, leaving Demuth without troops. Drunk and swearing revenge on Chester, Demuth is left to die with the traitor soldier, Hyle at the hands of the player and his/her troops.

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