Personal Info Edit

Birthdate: February 2, 1967

Age: 26-29

Birthplace: USA

Height: 5’10 ½ (179)

Weight: 137 (62)

Blood Type: B

Job: DJ, Professional Dancer

Style: Breakdance Martial Arts

History Edit

Duck King developed his unique fighting style when he met and lost to Terry in a street fight. During the Legend of the Hungry Wolf series, he often strives to improve his dancing skills and prove himself against his rival. He frequently likes to visit and party at Richard Meyer’s night club, the Pao Pao Café.

In King of Fighters 11, he is part of the "Legend of the Hungry Wolf" team composed of Terry and Kim Kaphwan. He is invited by Terry; but it took him, Choi, and Chang to convince Kim to join the team.

Skills Edit


Street Dancing

Musical Talent

Music Edit

Wild Boy from Downtown (Legend of the Hungry Wolf)

Duck Duck Dub (Legend of the Hungry Wolf Special, King of Fighters 11)

Duck Duck Duck (Real Bout Legend of the Hungry Wolf, Real Bout Legend of the Hungry Wolf Special, Real Bout Legend of the Hungry Wolf 2)

Street Dancer (King of Fighters 11)

Dance de Peace (Legend of the Hungry Wolf)

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