Personal Info Edit

Birthdate: December 25

Age: 26-29

Birthplace: Japan

Height: 5’8 (172)

Weight: 154 (70)

Blood Type: B

Job: Ninja

Weapon: Tanto

Style: Kisaragi-ryuu Ninjutsu

History Edit

Fist of the Dragon and Tiger Edit

Eiji is a ninja from the feared and respected Kisaragi clan. Sworn to be the strongest under the heavens, he made it his goal to defeat the one school his clan had not yet surpassed: Kyokugenryu Karate. As a descendant of Zantetsu, he also wields the Nagare and Kage twin ninja daggers and uses them sparingly.

As with all of the characters from the previous two games except Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia, Eiji does not appear in Fist of the Dragon and Tiger 3. His former student searches for him and is his rival.

King of Fighters Edit

In The King of Fighters '95, Eiji was summoned by Billy Kane to enter a team with Iori Yagami and him. Although he seemed surprised to see his teammates for the first time, he agreed since it was a chance to continue his agenda against the Kyokugenryu practitioners. After Rugal's death, he and Billy are betrayed by Iori, whom Billy compares Iori being dangerous as Geese.

Eiji returns in The King of Fighters XI as a member of the Anti Kyokugenryu team. In their team's backstory, it is explained that he was extensively training in the mountains since his defeat in 1995. Summoned by Malin, he seemed intent on taking his revenge on Takuma and is surprised to hear the master of the style hospitalized. He instead shifts his target to Ryo, who is deemed to be the most proficient practitioner in the tournament by both him and his teammate, Kasumi, as well as to take revenge against Iori, for the injure Eiji and Billy had been received from the Yagami back in the day The King of Fighters '95 is at the ends.

Powers Edit


Energy Projectile

Energy Relfector

Cuttiing Energy

Music Edit

Way of the Ninja (FDT 2, KOF 98: UM)

Arashi no Saxophone (KOF 95)

Triumphantly (KOF 11)

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