Personal Info Edit

Gender: Female

Weapon Name: Soul Calibur

Style: Memories of Soul Calibur

Stage Edit

Utopia of the Blessed

Theme Edit

Sacred Dawn

History Edit

Elysium is the entity that guides the wielder of the Soul Calibur, "born" from the purification ritual that created Soul Calibur. The ritual was flawed due to Algol's lust for power, giving rise to a will that was similar in nature to Soul Edge's own. The tribe assigned to guard Soul Calibur recognized this and sealed the sword's will away, implementing rules to safeguard against the possibility that Soul Calibur's similarities to Soul Edge ran deeper than reading its wielder's soul and shapeshifting. Millennia later, the clash between Soul Edge - wielded by Nightmare - and Soul Calibur - wielded by Siegfried - broke the seal placed on Elysium. Choosing Siegfried as her host due to their mutual hatred for Soul Edge and his desire for redemption making him an easy pawn, she covered his body in crystal armor to protect and heal him. After Nightmare was slain and Soul Edge shattered, Elysium awaited the cursed sword's inevitable return. Siegfried's growing suspicions of Soul Calibur made her deem him unworthy as a host, so she changed her form and awaited a new host she could manipulate.

In the Story Mode, she guided Patroklos on his journey to restore Soul Calibur. She wanted Patroklos to resurrect Soul Calibur, saying that with the maximum power of Soul Calibur, he would save Pyrrha of the malfestation. This led Patroklos to get the other two treasures, Kali-Yuga and Dvapara-Yuga, which were in the hands of Xiba and Leixia respectively. After the resurrection of Soul Calibur, Elysium appears saying that with this power, he could save Pyrrha and the world from the evils of Soul Edge and its wielder, making him wield Soul Calibur, and she says "Good boy, I'm so proud of you" and convincing him to kill his sister beside her. However at the end, she revealed herself to be a manifestation that Patroklos created with Soul Calibur. At Episode 20, Elysium brought Patroklos to the Utopia of the Blessed and seeing that he was no longer able to defeat Soul Edge, she decided to use his body to destroy the new wielder of Soul Edge. However, Patroklos refused and defeated her in battle. As her body disintegrated and disappeared, Patroklos returned to the real world, saying, "Good-bye, Mother".

Critical Edge Edit

Eleusian Initiation: Unlike Edge Master and Kilik, Elysium has a unique Critical Edge. Translucent crystal wings appear in her back, she then hovers above the ground, surrounded by multicolor light, while her opponent gets hit nineteen times by an invisible force. This always hits the opponent regardless of range or positioning, and can only be avoided by guarding.

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