Personal Info Edit

Birthdate:         December 9

Age:                    28

Height:                5’11 (181)

Weight:                134 (61)

Blood:                   A

Job:                        NESTS Executive, NESTS Agent

Weapon:             Fencing Sabre, Paralyzing Dart

Story Edit

She is a loyal agent of NESTS who was ordered with her colleague, Diana, to supervise the product of the Anti-K' project: Kula Diamond. They were dispatched to eliminate the rogue agent, Zero, as he was considered a burden to their organization. After their success, Foxy was ordered by her supervisors to enter the next tournament with Kula and two other untrusted agents, K9999 and Angel, unfortunately she was severely injured by the two of them. After she discovers that the original president of NESTS was murdered by Igniz, she stops her loyalties to the NESTS cartel and joins Diana in becoming an independent party.

Power Edit


Cutting Projectile

Suicide Attack

Music Edit

NESTS: Dark Ruler (King of Fighters 01)

Nightingale Falling (King of Fighters 02: Unlimited Match)

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