Personal Info Edit

Birthdate: September 16, 1963

Age: 31-33

Birthplace: USA

Height: 6’5 (195)

Weight: 243 (110)-254 (115)

Blood Type: A

Job: Airplane Mechanic

Style: Kickboxing

History Edit

Franco is a former super heavy kickboxing champion who was undefeated during his fighting career. He presumably retired to raise a family and became an airplane mechanic at Southtown Airport to continue supporting them. In order to motivate the champ to fight in the tournament, Yamazaki kidnapped Franco's son, Junior. Franco reluctantly serves as his right-hand man until his son is returned to him after Yamazaki's defeat. He participates in the following tournament due to his family's encouragements to make a formal comeback for his fighting career.

Powers Edit

Energy Projectile

Energy Attack

Fire Attack

Hurricane Punch

Skills Edit

Mechanical Engineering

Power Lifting

Music Edit

White Franco (LHW 3, RB LHW)

Goli Rock (RB LHW Special, RB LHW 2)

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