Personal Info Edit

Title: Rising Storm

Birthdate: May 5

Birthplace: Japan

Age: 28-29

Height: 6’8 (204)

Weight: 304 (138)

Blood: A

Job: Judo Master

Style: Judo

History Edit

Goro is a former Olympic gold medalist for Judo. He participated in Japan's mixed martial arts tournament to determine the members for the country's King of Fighters team. Although he got far into the finals, he lost against Kyo and was bumped to third place. A year later, he entered the 1994 King of Fighters tournament with Benimaru (second place) and Kyo. He eventually befriends his teammates and continues to enter with them.

On the day before the 1997 tournament, his mentor begged him to return to his professional Judo career. Goro agreed to follow his request after he finished his participation in the year's King of Fighters tournament. As was promised, he returns to the Judo circles and brings fame back to Japan. During his absence from the King of Fighters tournament, he finally married and fathered a son. Goro also became the mentor of his own dojo.

In 2001, Benimaru invites him to join the King of Fighters with him. Goro was reluctant to enter until he learned that Kyo came back to Japan. To relive his team's glory days and to bring more fame to Judo, he enters with his old teammates and Shingo Yabuki.

In the 2003 tournament, he joined Benimaru and Shingo once more before he goes back to attend to his dojo. Due to Shingo's incapacitated state from The King of Fighters XI, Goro agrees to reunite the Japan team, worried for his teammates. He is well aware of the current events since Benimaru explained everything he missed to him. Although his teammates worry about endangering the stability of his professional career and dojo for the tournament, he assures them that he has and always will be fine. Aware of the dangers involved while facing Those from the Past, he joins the tournament to make his students proud and to stay beside his friends.

In the KOF XIII tournament, he and Benimaru both watch Kyo as he fights once again with Iori to an unknown result.

Powers Edit



Seismic Wave

Explosive Stomp

Super Strength

Ignore Weight

Music Edit


Funky Esaka (95, 98)

Esaka? (96, 98)

Flame of Invincibility (01)

Tears (02)

Joyrider (03)

Queen (11)

Acid Esaka (13)

Esaka Continues (13)

Esaka!! (02: UM)

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