Personal Info Edit

Birthdate:            September 5, 1763

Age:                       25-28

Birthplace:          Musashi-koku, Japan

Height:                 5’8 (173)

Weight:                                141 (64)-152 (69

Blood:                   A

Job:                        Wanderer

Weapon:             Blowfish Poison (Katana), Sake Jug

History Edit

At the age of fifteen, he challenged Jubei Yagyu to a duel but lost due to lack of experience. Jubei, amused by the youth's bravado, brought Haohmaru to Nicotine Caffeine so that he may gain proper training. Whilst living there, he also met and befriended Genjuro Kibagami, fellow student and another orphan like himself.

Orphaned, Nicotine spotted him and took him under his tutelage along with Genjuro in his home. Both students were close friends, yet Genjuro's hunger for power worried Nicotine. To test his students, he tempted them to fight over the treasured sword. They were tested by facing off with a group of other fighters. In contrast to his friend, Haohmaru fought only until his opponent lost the will to fight and didn't give chase. After Genjuro left Nicotine's home, Haohmaru was rewarded with the sword. Encouraged by his master to further improve himself, Haohmaru travels the lands perfecting his sword skills, and searches for worthy challengers in the name of Shura.

During his many travels, Haohmaru trains Shizumaru Hisame and inspires Takechiyo. He guided both until he felt they had matured enough before continuing his journey. He will sometimes challenge them to a duel after a certain amount of time to test their skill and resolve.

In Tale of Swordsmen, Haohmaru is a skilled and active swordsman at the age of forty-seven who is revered by many to be the "Legendary Swordsman". He learns that his adopted niece, Mikoto, ran away from the temple (her childhood home) and follows her to the cursed island of Riten Kyo. There, he grows aware of the evil entities at work there, and departs on a journey to stop the Razor Trio, as well as duel worthy opponents along the way. In his ending, Haohmaru eventually reaches Mikoto at Riten Kyo and reveals her unspoken past to her.

Powers Edit

Hurricane Attack

Energy Slash


Music Edit

Time of the Man (Samurai Showdown)

Path of the Man (Samurai Showdown 2)

Alcoholic (Samurai Showdown 3)

Path of Shura (Samurai Showdown 4: Revenge of Amakusa, SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium)

Zeal (Samurai Showdown 64)

Champion (Samurai Showdown 64 2)

Meeting Haohmaru (Samurai Showdown 64: Warriors Rage)

Legend (TOS)

Sakura (Samurai Showdown 5)

Imperial Sundance (Samurai Remix VA)

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