Personal Info Edit

Birthplace: Wolfkrone Kingdom, Holy Roman Empire (Germany)

Birthdate: August 13, 1573

Age: 18-35

Gender: Female

Height: 5’3 (160)-5’3 (161)

Weight: 110 (50)-119 (54)

Blood Type: AB

Weapon: Short Sword, Spear

Weapon Name: Glanzende Nova (4-5), Frischer Himmel (4), Fruchtbare Erde (5)

Style: Grobe Erbschaft

Soul: Duty

Stages Edit

Wolfkrone Monument (4-BD)

Last Rites on the Battlefield (5)

Themes Edit

Valiant Heart (4)

Daybreaker (5)

History Edit

Soul Calibur 4 Edit

Hilde was born as the daughter of the king of Wolfkrone, a fictional European kingdom hidden in Germany. Her father, described as a formerly stoic, but kind-hearted, fair man, lost his sanity to the destructive rains of the Evil Seed, virtually transforming him into an animal. After he fell into madness, the king was sentenced to live out the rest of his days in an isolated chamber, located at the very top of the Wolfkrone castle tower. With the king driven to insanity, the kingdom turned to the remaining candidate for leadership, forcing Hilde upon the throne despite her young age. By gathering allies and power, Hilde was able to resist the invading forces of the Azure Knight.

As Hilde devoted much of her youth to protecting and guiding Wolfkrone, she didn’t experience a true childhood, and was forced to handle the burdens of adulthood. Hilde disciplined herself, becoming emotionally and physically stronger over the passing years and leading her country on the front lines of the battlefield.

One day, Hilde learned that Soul Edge was slowly gaining power, and prepared her forces for battle. In the following days, Hilde and her soldiers came to the assistance of a troop of mercenaries traveling through Wolfkrone. Most of the mercenaries’ numbers had dwindled after they were attacked by the inhabitants of the ruined castle. When Hilde and her army traveled out to defeat Soul Edge, they were greeted by a cheering crowd.

Soul Calibur 5

Hilde's army proudly triumphed in the battle against the cursed sword; destroying the wretched Soul Edge before the justice of the holy sword, Soul Calibur, wielded by her friend, Siegfried. However, even after Nightmare's destruction, Hilde still found her kingdom to be in turmoil, tragically drained of the Wolfkrone legacy, and poisoned by the terrors of the past Azure Knight. Despite this, Hilde still held on to the leadership born from her blood, and vowed to restore her homeland at all costs. Ordering her people to depart from the ruins, the determined princess traveled from nation to nation, negotiating land for the ones who followed her as she continued searching for locations to resettle.

As she and her republic became settled, Hilde received a distasteful message from Siegfried, being informed that a number of malfested planned to bring war upon her throne. Refusing to fall, Hilde immediately assembled her troops alongside Siegfried, anxious to put an end to the demonic evil and finally bring peace upon Wolfkrone. Deep within her soul, Hilde knew that she may not live to witness her subjects' safe return home. However, her two children might.


Ending Edit

Soul Calibur 4 Edit

After the fight against Nightmare, Hilde destroys Soul Edge, quickly noticing that Siegfried is standing nearby. Hilde accuses Siegfried of being responsible for all the atrocities Soul Edge had created. Siegfried confirms the fact he was once Nightmare’s puppet. Hilde sees that he acknowledges his guilt without any hesitation. Siegfried then kneels with Soul Calibur beside him, and expresses his gratitude toward the fact Hilde eliminated Nightmare. He asks her to kill him, to put an end to the cyclical war between Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. As Hilde approaches, Siegfried braces himself for the killing strike, only for Hilde to lower her weapon and refuse to kill him. She says that warriors think not of themselves, but of others. Hilde also states that while sacrificing everything to atone for his sins, he has shown true valor. And then, she knights Siegfried, declaring that she absolves him of his sins.

A text-epilogue states this: The rising sun pierces the name of Soul Edge. The Kingdom of Wolfkrone has proven victorious!

Critical Finish Edit

Warrior's Honor: In Hilde's Critical Finish, she impales her opponent on her spear and shakes them into the air. As they fall, she tosses the now charged spear through them, sending them plummeting off screen.

Critical Edge Edit

Storm and Urge: Stabs an enemy five times with her lance.

Weapon Arts Edit

Holy Principal: It's the third stage of Hilde's SC5 vertical charge attack called Moonlit Dance. In spite of the fact, that there are still three hits in this attack and it looks exactly the same as SC4-SC5 versions, its mechanics has changed a lot. During the last horizontal strike in the air, the time is slowed down, so now we can see Hilde slowly turn around, while returning back to the ground. Hilde says "Victory! For Honour!" during it, just as she did in SC5. The attack range of the first move is long, but if it's exceeded a little, the second one can miss and the third will fail. In case the first attack misses or is blocked by the opponent, Hilde won't proceed with any other attacks. If the opponent blocked the first strike, he wouldn't be able to punish you anyway. The Weapon Art has a very safe and quick start, as you cannot be stopped by any of the enemy's attacks. It doesn't stun the opponent, and you won't be able to make any combos after it, as the enemy is thrown far away. But however close you're to the wall, the opponent will never hit it during or after the attack. The most complicated thing is its linking with other attacks. If the opponent is hit in the air, the first attack will push him forwards to the ground and the second will just blast him further. While activated in mid-air, the third attack will certainly fail. When the enemy is stunned and slowly falling to the ground, it will work for sure. But it has the extended ability to catch the opponent on the ground. Well, it always misses, when the opponent is lying idly or just stunned on the ground, but it'll work in case the opponent is thrown to the ground from the height and is stunned afterwards (for example, after Pyrrha's Guardian's Judgement). In addition, all three hits of the Weapon Art will be performed, when the enemy is rolling after the attack (after Hilde's Red Stone attack), when he's on the ground with his upper\lower body still in the air (after her Red Stone performed in mid-air), or in some cases shortly before the fall (after the second hit of her Twister or the second stage of Mystic Star)

Pure Conviction: This is the last stage of her horizontal charge attack from SC5, the forth stage of Mystic Star, to be precise. But now this single Unblockable Attack is nothing but a Break Attack. It always causes a Guard Burst, if the opponent is guarding. At the beginning, there's an animation, in which Hilde turns to the right, bending a little, drawing her sword back excessively and saying "Let us end this!", before unleashing a mid-range middle blow. It can easily be interrupted by any of the opponent's attacks, but vertical and high ones have a small chance to miss. There's an unpleasant time gap between the end of the animation and the actual attack, which enable the opponent to take unexpected actions, recover from the stun, or fall to the ground. Once you get used to the delay, it won't be such a challenge to land the attack. Although, it's hard to deny, that it's almost imposiible to continue a combo with this Weapon Art. It won't hit the opponent on the ground or stun him, and there aren't any guaranteed combos after it, unless you don't catch the opponent in mid-air. If you do, he'll be thrown close to you, opened for combos. But at least it flings the opponent far enough to hit him against the wall without difficulty. The safest way of using it, is to activate the Weapon Art after a Soul Break, or in case the enemy is guarding too much.

Serene Divine: That's the third stage of Hilde's SC5 Mystic Star charge attack, which consist of two horizontal mid-range attacks. The lasr strike is still a Break Attack and now is performed in slow motion, if delivered successfully. This Weapon Art has a rather quick start, during which Hilde avoids all coming enemy's attacks, but its main drawback is that sometimes it doesn't work on the stunned opponent when other middle attacks do. Of course, it misses if the opponent is lying. After the enemy is thrown away be the second hit, you'll have a chance to make a combo, but in case Ukemi is used, your attack will be avoided. By the way, if the opponent is hit from behind, which may also occur in mid-air, he'll ne thrown close to you. In that case, Ukemi won't save him. Bith of the strikes can hit the opponent against the wall, but none of them will stun him. When the first attack misses, the second one is still performed. If it's blocked, you positively won't get punished, owing to the last Break Attack.

Power's Essence: This Weapon Art consists of her Brave Edge grab from SC5 called Heart of Justice and the slow-motioned third stage of SC4 vertical charge attack Moonlit Dance, which is coming right after the grab. As in SC5, during the throw Hilde says "Gales of power!". All in all, there are three hits, but the last strike makes the opponent fly very high in the air, where even Hilde's move Iron Tower, if performed immediately after the attack, will turn into the Attack Throw. So it's very simple to create a damaging combo after the Weapon Art, as it doesn't stun the opponent. Another good thing about it is that it cannot be stopped be the opponent. During the grab, even in case it misses, Hilde becomes invisible for the enemy attacks and is capable of catching him even in the middle of a combo. However, the range of the grab is short, and it's virtually impossible to combo with it. As before, the second hit of the throw can hit the opponent against the wall, while the following charge attack with the lance will never cause a wall hit. If the grab misses, nothing will be performed.

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