Personal Info

Birthdate:            March 3

Birthplace:           Japan          

Age:                       16

Height:                 5’1 (154)

Weight:                93 (42)

Blood:                   B

Job:                        High School Student


Style:                  Sumo Wrestling

Story Edit

Hinako attends in an all-girl school and grew to value sumo's techniques after watching a professional match. Hoping to practice along with her classmates, she tries to create a female sumo club at her school but the idea fails to gain support. Once she hears about the Women Team auditioning for a member, Hinako enters and succeeds in proving her worth by defeating Yuri Sakazaki in a mock match. She continues to appear for their team until The King of Fighters 2003 where she was asked to team with Athena Asamiya and Malin to form the "High School Girl" Team. Hinako's whereabouts after the 2003 tournament are unknown, it is assumed she either devoted more time to Sumo or gave up fighting to become more ladylike, as she hasn't contacted her former teammates since.

Power Edit

Ignore Weight

Music Edit

Come Up Smiling (MediaWiki:Badtitletext)

Queen of Fighters (King of Fighters 01)

You Feel for Me (King of Fighters 03)

Shining Brave (King of Fighters 02: Unlimited Match)

Hinako Roulette (King of Fighters 2)

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