Personal Info Edit

Birthplace: Jirisan, Joseon Dynasty Korea (South Korea)

Birthdate: August 8, 1559

Age: 25-32

Gender: Male

Height: 5’7 (171)

Weight: 132 (60)

Blood Type: AB

Weapon: Chinese Blade (SB), Chinese Sword (SC, 3)

Weapon Name: Blue Storm (SB), Blue Thunder (SC, 3)

Style: Hwang Shi Dadao Shu

Stage Edit

Desert Path (SB)

Silk Road Ruin (SC,3)

Theme Edit

Horangi Arirang (SB)

Yellow Sand (SB)

Beyond the Horizon (SC)

History Edit

Soul Blade Edit

Hwang Seong-gyeong was born to parents who, while poor, had a strong sense of justice. However, this resolve was what led to their downfall. He grew up hardened and eventually enrolled himself in the Seong Dojang to learn to use the long sword. It didn't take him long to become the best student in the dojang and was eventually deemed good enough to be taught a private lesson by the master himself, Seong Han-myong. The master was happy to have such a gifted student and was even considering adopting him as his son. However, he never had a chance to do so, and his daughter, Seong Mi-na, was only friends with Hwang, with mutual lack of desire to make the relationship anything more than friendship. Facing increasing incursions from Japanese raiders, a coast guard was quickly formed and led by Admiral Lee Sun Shin, with Hwang as the first to volunteer. Rumors of Soul Edge, deemed the "Sword of Salvation", spread to Korea, and Lee Sun Shin sent him to go and find it.

Soul Calibur

On his quest to find the "Sword of Salvation," he received news of an impending Japanese invasion of his homeland. He cut his search short and returned home, dragging Seong Mi-na, who had run away to find the Soul Edge herself, home with him. He rejoined the Coast Guard as commander, but shortly thereafter, he received news from a new recruit, Kong Xiuqiang, that Mi-na had run away again. Angered and worried by this, he lost his better judgment and led his crew into a trap set by the pirates of the Ryūkyū Kingdom, and many lives were lost. Lee Sun Shin sympathized with his worry over Mi-na's well-being, but was nevertheless obliged to dismiss him from the Coast Guard. Instead, he gave him a new set of orders. He was to aid Seong Han-myong by finding Mi-na, under the guise of searching for the "Sword of Salvation." He immediately set off to the west once again, and, upon finding her, was told of the true nature of Soul Edge. Deciding that Korea would no longer rely on legends to save itself—that it could rely on its own strength—he dragged Mi-na home with one goal in mind: to rejoin the Coastal Forces in guarding against the impending Japanese invasion.

Soul Calibur 3

During his second quest, Hwang learned that Soul Edge was evil, so he made a report to his superiors about the matter. Sadly that only served to tarnish his reputation. Admiral Lee Sun Shin dismissed him and forced him to return Blue Thunder, as punishment. Hwang left the garrison and stayed in his master's dojo, until one day when someone appeared in the exercise hall. He captured the stranger and upon interrogating him he found out that he was a spy from Japan, who claimed that Japan was in search of Soul Edge too. Since no one in the Coastal Defense has the knowledge of foreign lands and the experience from previous trips, Hwang was selected to carry on the new mission: find and stop the agent from Japan from finding Soul Edge, and bring the sword if possible. Lee Sun Shin handed him Blue Thunder again, and Hwang understood the meaning of this mission, to save his country. Before beginning his quest, he went to the Capital and stole the fragments gathered there, since he wouldn't leave his beloved country with anxiety in his heart. He then headed towards the West, knowing that both Yun-seong, a student of the Seong Dojo, and Seong Mi-na were in a similar quest. He hopes to join forces with them and together destroy the evil blade once and for all.

Soul Calibur 4

Although he doesn't make an appearance, Hwang is mentioned in Yun-seong's storyline. They encounter each other while Yun-seong was on his way to Ostrheinsburg. Hwang warns the young warrior that Soul Edge is evil. However, he does not stop Yun-seong from continuing his journey, stating that he will let him find out for himself. Then the two of them go their own ways.

Years later, Hwang is seen as a national hero, along with Mi-na and Yun-seong. The three now teach at the dojo, training the new generation.

Endings Edit

Soul Blade Edit

Hwang picks up the two Soul Edge swords and comments how evil and powerful they are as well. . .

Bad Edit

He stumbles into the Seung Dojo with the two swords. The members ask him what happened, but he hits one of them and tells him to shut up. Hwang's glowing eyes and fangs suggest that he's now possessed

Good Edit

He throws the swords over the Adrian. He then returns to the Dojo, where he is asked about his journey. Seong Han-myeong greets him, telling him that he heard of his exploits and thanks him for saving the country. Seong Han-myeong offers to adopt him, but he declines and rejoins the coastal defense force, because he has a duty to fulfill before he goes home.


One legend spoke of the "Sword of Salvation" as being in truth an evil sword that drove souls insane. Injured during a fight with Inferno, the incarnation of the sword, Seong Mi-na came to his aid.

Seong Mi-na: You can depend on me now.

Hwang: Indeed... thank you. We need not to rely on legends anymore, for we shall protect our country ourselves.

The zealous patriots depart for the seas of unrest to protect their country and their people. Their stories will surely be retold with pride to future generations.

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