Personal Info Edit

Birthplace: London, British Empire (UK)

Birthdate: December 10, 1559

Age: 28-49?

Gender: Female

Height: 5’10 (179)

Weight: 128 (58)

Weapon: Snake Sword

Weapon Name: Valentine/Ivy Blade

Style: Unrelated Link

Soul: Deliverance

Stages Edit

Valentine Mansion (SC, 3)

Egyptian Crypt (2)

Ice Coffin of the Sleeping Ancient (4)

Tower of Remembrance: Spiral of Time (BD)

House of Valentine’s Prague Residence (5)

Theme Edit

Unblessed Soul (SC)

Maze of the Blade (2)

Face Your Fate (3)

Without the Blessing of Fate (5)

History Edit

Pre-Soul Edit

The House of Valentine was once one of the most wealthy families in London. Isabella 'Ivy' Valentine had been raised with love by her parents. However, her father, Earl Valentine, was driven insane by his pursuit for what was called the "Key to Eternal Youth." By the time of his death, his efforts to search for immortality had drained his family's fortunes and left one of London's most distinguished families in ruins. As if to pursue her husband into death, the Countess fell ill and passed away soon after Earl Valentine's death. This left Ivy as the sole surviving member of the Valentine family.

In reality, Ivy was not a true Valentine by birth. The Earl and Countess found her abandoned in front of their mansion when she was an infant, and she was taken into the family as an adopted child. Ivy discovered this secret only after reading a will left behind by the Countess in her death. But this did not matter to her, for the Valentines were the only parents she knew.

Searching through her parents' possessions, Ivy found her father's diary. In it, she discovered that the "Key to Eternal Youth" her father had been pursuing was a sword called Soul Edge. He had also been obsessed with the art of alchemy. To honor her father, Ivy chose to become an alchemist and investigate Soul Edge.

During this investigation, she uncovered the true nature of the sword–it was an evil blade that feasted on souls. Vercci, Adams, Captain Cervantes; the more she read of the fates of those who had come into contact with Soul Edge, the more she became convinced of her suspicions.

"My father was driven mad by such a loathsome thing...this evil sword!"

Filled with rage and despair, Ivy vowed to avenge the death of her father by using all of her knowledge to destroy Soul Edge. Ivy realized she needed to create a weapon powerful enough to destroy Soul Edge. Her knowledge led her to successfully create a weapon capable of shifting back and forth from a whip to a sword. This weapon was merely mechanical though, and Ivy believed the only thing which could stand against a living weapon is another living weapon. She attempted to use alchemy and her own blood to give the sword life, but all attempts were unsuccessful.

Finding her alchemic skills useless, she turned to studying ancient sorcery. Every midnight, she would attempt summoning rituals, hoping to call upon a being who would grant her sword life. With every failed attempt, Ivy became more desperate and angry.

At last, one night, a large malformed arm emerged from her summoning circle. The arm, sensing her attachment to her weapon, proceeded to touch the whip sword. Ivy heard a soundless voice seemingly coming from the arm.

"I, Cross of the Pledge, shall confer upon thee the Point in the Escutcheon of Destruction - Dexter Purpure."

The ceremony came to an end and the mysterious being vanished. Under the moonlight, Ivy's sanity began to crack. She finally had the weapon she had sought to create; a living sword which would obey her every command. Calling her weapon the 'Ivy Blade', she set out on her journey to find and destroy Soul Edge.

Soul Calibur Edit

The sword, which had a will of its own, accompanied and protected Ivy on her journey to vanquish Soul Edge. When she crossed paths with Nightmare, the one who breathed life into her sword, she agreed to assist him in the "summoning of souls." Little did she know that it was all part of the evil sword's plans. Ivy realized it was Nightmare who possessed Soul Edge. She came to this revelation only after he was defeated and the evil blade was shattered. That meant that the beloved blade she had forged to destroy Soul Edge had life thanks to the power of the evil blade. She also learned the secrets of her true lineage. Ivy's birth father once wielded Soul Edge and was manipulated by its wicked powers!

Soul Calibur 2 Edit

Shaken by the horrifying truth that she had been collecting souls for the wielder of Soul Edge and of her own cursed lineage, Ivy returned home and locked herself away in a dark laboratory. She tried countless times to destroy Ivy Blade, which was now a symbol of her self-hatred and regret. She could not, however, bring herself to actually break the sword.

"I am the same as this sword... Yes, the blood of the evil blade flows through me. The same blood..."

Ivy Blade waited for its master's orders silently.

After months of soul searching, Ivy emerged with renewed resolve. Her goal was no longer to destroy the evil sword, but to completely wipe it out of existence. As a vow to her commitment, she renamed her sword "Valentine", a symbol of her will to continue onward as a human despite her own cursed blood. Once she acquired information about fragments of Soul Edge being scattered throughout the world, she immediately departed on her new journey.

Ivy's mission was to destroy not just the fragments of Soul Edge, but all of those who had been infected with the cursed blade's influence. All of them, even the innocent, would be granted no mercy. Ivy was determined to eliminate all traces of Soul Edge. Of course, she too would eventually have to be killed, and she believed this fate to be the ultimate end of her journey.

"Call me a monster or a demon if you must. I'll be happy to be called those names if it is the price I must pay to eliminate the existence of the evil blade!"

Soul Calibur 3 Edit

Ivy intended to destroy every fragment of Soul Edge, anyone who carried its tainted bloodline, and anyone contaminated by its evil. Nothing would stop her from destroying the root of the evil, even if it meant killing the innocent - there would be no exceptions. The only thing that mattered was obliterating the evil sword's existence completely.

During her bloody, merciless quest, her sword began to change. It had become unstable and harder to control. Ivy decided to temporarily halt her mission and return to her mansion in order to determine the cause.

She stopped by a certain academic city in England and purchased new books, both ancient and recent, dealing with secret arts. At home, she found one particularly old book to hold much interest. In it was the most detailed information she had seen yet concerning Soul Edge and its origin. Continuing to decipher the text, she found information dealing with the spirit sword known as Soul Calibur, which was said to grant power to its wielder to stand against Soul Edge.

In a month's time, Ivy had deciphered all the information dealing with Soul Calibur the book had to offer. However, her front door suddenly opened and a dark skinned man dressed in a white robe entered her home.

"Who are you?"

"Did you read the book?", asked the stranger.

The two of them drew their weapons, her faithful snake sword and his giant scythe, and a fierce battle began. Sparks flew as each struck and deflected the other's blows. "Dammit!!", cursed Ivy as she had to use more of her mental power than usual to control her own sword. The man took advantage of her hesitation and landed a heavy blow. When Ivy had recovered, she realized she had dropped the book.

The man picked up the book. "This is a mistake from my past. The world no longer needs this...", he said as the book suddenly burst into flames. The man dropped the burning remains of the book and left as a wall of fire separated him from Ivy.

"Stop!", Ivy demanded. "If you wish to learn everything about the cursed sword and the spirit sword, then follow the knight you know well.", he said as he vanished from sight.

Despite the loss of the book, Ivy still remembered what she had read about the spirit sword. She theorized that the odd behavior concerning her own sword may have a link to Soul Calibur as well. Ivy set out on a new mission to obtain Soul Calibur for herself and use it to destroy Soul Edge once and for all.

Soul Calibur 4 Edit

Ivy continued to seek information about Soul Calibur for the purpose of destroying Soul Edge. Following rumors, she set forward toward the East, searching for a certain temple. This temple, now abandoned and corrupt with evil energy, was said to have once guarded a sacred weapon.

At the temple, she encountered a man tending the graves. This man, Kong, told her about Soul Calibur, also known as the Krita-Yuga. From his information, Ivy was presented with a new problem. Her own cursed blood would prevent her from being able to wield the sword or utilize it to its full potential.

Ending her current journey, she returned home to her alchemic research. If she could not wield the spirit sword, she would create a being who could. She sought to create a homunculus and animate it with an artificial soul.

Unfortunately, her father Cervantes tracked her down and invaded her house, intent on consuming his own offspring's soul. Ivy's lab was utterly destroyed by the battle between father and daughter. In the end, Ivy lost and Cervantes was able to consume most of her soul. Now at the brink of death, Ivy was forced to use the artificial soul she had created in order to survive. However, the soul was not perfected. Sooner or later, she would die.

Mixed with the remains of her old, cursed soul, Ivy hoped that her new soul was pure enough to wield Soul Calibur. After seeing that her Valentine still responded to her, she set out on what she believed to be her final journey.

Soul Calibur 5 Edit

Ivy had rushed to Ostrheinsburg in order to destroy Soul Edge; instead she faced her father, Cervantes. She prevailed, ruthlessly dispatching her father in their final, fateful duel. Her Valentine reclaimed not just her own lost soul, but all the souls her father had taken. But before she could move on to her true quarry, the sky tore apart.

Soul Edge, its physical form shattered, disappeared into the rift above.

Others called this victory and she triumphed, but Ivy knew better.

Having spent a lifetime studying the cursed sword's cycle of destruction and rebirth, Ivy was convinced that Soul Edge was merely biding its time in another dimension, awaiting the day it could be born again in our world. The sword itself may be beyond her reach, she reasoned, but what if she could rob it of its refuge? What if she could destroy the world beyond the rift?

At some point, Ivy was visited by two mysterious strangers, one of whom wore a mask and spoke not a word during their meeting. The unmasked figure claimed to be a supporter of her research, and informed Ivy about the nature of the chaos realm she sought after.

For over a decade Ivy researched the sword's home, a place she came to call "Astral Chaos". Her body, with the blood of the cursed sword flowing in its veins, seemed to have forgotten to age.

It was Soul Edge that had thrust this destiny upon her, and Ivy would not rest until the cursed sword was purged from all existence.

Endings Edit

Soul Calibur Edit

Ivy: But... It can't be...

Through her battles, her premonitions proved to be true. Although evil had been destroyed, the sword will not die. The cursed blood that flowed through her veins was the sword's life source. However, she felt no hesitation in coming to terms with the truth.

Ivy: I feel as though a burden on my soul had been lifted...

The fetters of her curse were broken and thus began a new unholy quest.

Soul Calibur 2 Edit

Her oath her destiny, Ivy killed everything that stood in her way. At the end of her bloody, infernal journey, she destroyed the loathsome, evil blade. Now, only she and her beloved sword possessed the cursed blood. Forsaking others, she chose a life of solitude to wither away in obscurity, accompanied only by her sword.

Soul Calibur 3 Edit

Ivy, sword in hand, gets ready to destroy Soul Edge. Right when she is about to attack, a ghost of herself grabs her arm from behind her and stops her from striking. The ghost then tries to force Ivy to grab Soul Edge, even though she refuses to.

Input Edit

Ivy breaks free of the ghost's grab, extends her sword into a whip, and with one mighty slash, she destroys both the ghost and Soul Edge simultaneously. The screen fades to white, and then shows Ivy kneeling on the ground. She spots the last remaining piece of Soul Edge, the eye, and smashes it, shouting "Bastard!".

No Input Edit

The ghost successfully makes Ivy grab Soul Edge. As Ivy grabs the sword, she drops her own. Ivy is then shown kneeling down, hands both on Soul Edge, weeping. "So, there's no way for me to do this?" she says.

Soul Calibur 4 Edit

As a defeated Nightmare stumbles around, a bright light is seen up above. Soul Calibur then comes flying down and strikes Nightmare, killing him. As the crystals begin to encase Nightmare's body, Ivy is suddenly stricken with pain. "So, I'm the same as him." Ivy makes no effort to fight or escape as crystals start to encase her body from the feet up. Ivy says to herself, "With the blood of the evil sword in my veins and the countless atrocities I have committed, this is a fitting death." Right as the crystals are about to cover Ivy's head, her sword extends itself, wraps itself around Ivy, and saves Ivy from death. Valentine, itself, shatters into segments in the process.

The light shining from Soul Calibur fades, suggesting that it has now become silent. Ivy picks up one of the fragments of her sword and asks it, "My sword, are you telling me to live? Is there still something that I can do?" Ivy then tells herself, "Whatever it is, I will find it." She then walks away.

The text-only epilogue reveals that her new soul lights the path to the future. She severed her bond with the cursed sword and has now started a new life.

Critical Finish Edit

Grand Alchemy: Whips the opponent, says "Taste the power of my blade - shred apart!" and starts an alchemist spell to trap the opponent in a ball, splits the blade up into small pieces, and shoots them into the opponent. She then asks "Does it hurt?"

Critical Edge Edit

Acasual Paradox: Ivy grabs her opponent and, as her sword shatters, parts of it stick to the opponent's body, making them levitate and fly. While in air, the sword pieces slash her opponent several times until the shards slam her opponent to the ground. At the beginning of the animation, she says "You're in need of some discipline! I'll teach you to behave!" and the animation closes with her saying, "Satisfied?".

Weapon Arts Edit

Chaotic Symphony: This simply is her Calamity Symphony throw, though at the beginning there's a movement from SC2I-SC4, when her sword quickly turns into a whip and grabs the opponent, while Ivy says "Ensnare". This throw works on a relatively big distance and is performed quickly, comparing it with other Weapon Arts grabs. If it misses, probably, you will be punished. Indeed, it's hard to continue a combo with a grab, and it's impossible to start a combo after this Weapon Art as well. Even though it's quick, it doesn't turn into a combo after such moves as Insanity Light or short distance version Embrace of Gulit, whereas some other attacks do extend a combo after them. An interesting fact about this Weapon Art is that every time it's activated, Ivy's sword is in colorful sparkles, however when she sends the opponent into the air, the links of her sword are accompanied with colored flames only when the enemy is grabbed from the front or from the sides, but not from the back.

Apocalypse Crush: That's a combination of Danger Range and Arch Cage. After three attacks of Danger Range the opponent is thrown into the mid-air, Ivy immediately catches him with her Ivy Lick, which turns into Arch Cage. All in all, there are nine hits. Danger Range and Arch Cage inflict almost equal damage to the opponent. Before releasing her final Arch Cage shot Ivy says "This'll feel good!", and time slows down, as she creates a bow with an arrow enflamed at its end from her weapon's fragments. The Weapon Art has a comfortable middle range, though if the range is a little longer, it may occur, that only the first hit is delivered. Its quick start will let you avoid some of the coming vertical and high attacks, but you can be easily stopped by others. In case the first attack of Danger Range combination misses or the opponent blocks it, Ivy will still make the other two and Ivy Lick at the end. If just the second or the third Danger Range attack is landed, Arch Cage will always be performed successfully. It isn't very safe to start with, because if the opponent guards against two first middle attacks, he can just crouch under the last two, and you'll get punished. It's hard to call it quick as well, owing to the slow motion, it takes much time. Nevertheless, this Weapon Art can easily continue a combo, but when the opponent is thrown high in the air, you should activate it at exactly the right moment, otherwise some of Danger Range attacks may miss and Arch Cage won't work. This happens more frequently if the enemy has suffered from different types of stun (in a long combo). It will hit the stunned opponent on all occasions, except for the one, when he's already on the ground. The other thing happens when the third strike of Danger Range performs the last Soul Break (or the only one) of the enemy. If that occurs, the enemy won't fly up and the rest of the Weapon Art will fail (except for Ivy lick indeed). By the way, both Arch Cage and Danger Range can make the opponent hit the wall, and Ukemi can still save the opponent from Stinging Souls after Arch Cage, so one shouldn't rely on continuing a combo after it. It's curious, that in SC5 Ivy could use far version of Stinging Souls to reach the enemy after Arch Cage, but now it's a medium version on most of the enemies, while others, for some reasons, end up between medium and far Stinging Souls. However, if the enemy is close to the wall or the edge of the arena, you'll be able to perform long lasting almost guaranteed combo by consecutive use of Stinging Souls and Apocalypse Crush, though it's not so easy to perform.

Released Souls: Her unblockable attack has turned into a Break Attack. If the opponent is guarding, it always causes a Guard Burst. The range of this attack is pretty short, because Ivy steps back in animation before launching the actual attack, saying "Destroy everything", so the best way to use is to interrupt the opponent's combo with it, or trigger it when you see your opponent begin the attack. It also can be turned into a combo, if you activate it, when the opponent is in the air or when he's stunned close to you, but there's no guaranteed combos after it. The attack is performed immediately after pressing the buttons, that's why it enables to catch the flying opponent or to hit between his attacks. And yet, it won't save you from long-ranged attacks of the opponent. This stroke, as before, can make the opponent hit the wall.

Crucifixion: That's another example of turning a single attack into a Weapon Art. This is a short version of her Crucifixion, as if you're not holding the buttons. Ivy steps back for a while, swinging her sword, which lets you avoid all kinds of coming attacks, including low and middle attacks, both vertical and horizontal. When Ivy launches her middle-ranged attack, time freezes for a very short period, when camera changes its angle and it makes the opponent spin in a stunned state. A peculiar thing is that there's no time freeze or change of camera's angle when the enemy's hit at a distance. If you succeeded in delivering it, you can support the attack with many sorts of combos on stunned opponent, but you'd better take action quickly, as the opponent can recover from the stun almost in no time. If the opponent guards against it, there's no chance for him to punish you. The attack itself isn't strong, and performed too slowly to continue any kinds combos with it, though it's a good combo starter and the safest Weapon Art of hers. In case you managed to landed on the opponent in the mid-air, time will freeze anyway and he'll spin rapidly, falling forwards.

Acausal Paradox: This is Ivy's Critical Edge with minor changes. At the beginning of this short-range grab she says "You're in need of some discipline!" and then adds "I'll teach you to behave!". At the end there's "Satisfied?". There are 14 hits in total. The last and most damaging strike of the Weapon Art is now performed in slow motion and the enemy on the ground is surrounded by blue transparent flame. By the way, now we can hear a loud sound of the grab, when Ivy clutches the enemy at his throat and there's colored flame added to the grab, which is most noticeable when it misses. In addition to that, it absolutely cannot be stopped, so now it is completely safe to interrupt a range of the enemy's attacks by it. And yet at the end or in the middle of some moves enemies are unavailable for high attacks. Its start is pretty slow, it still misses sometime when the enemy is turning around and the attack itself takes a lot of time, which may turn out to be a problem when you lack time. The best way to use it is to stop enemy's attacks by it when you're not in a hurry.

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