Personal Info Edit

Birthdate:            July 26

Birthplace:          South Korea

Age:                       32

Height:                 5’10 (177)

Weight:                170 (77)

Blood:                   O

Job:                        Taekwondo Master, J-Pop Idol Groupie

Style:                     Teakwondo

Story Edit

Jhun Hoon has known Kim Kaphwan since childhood, since they trained at the same dojo. They both became masters of separate, stylized aspects of Taekwondo and parted ways from one another. Upon a meeting with Kim, Jhun Hoon noticed the presence of Kim's new "Rehabilitation project", consisting of Chang Koehan and Choi Bounge. After seeing Kim's ethics and methods of training, Jhun Hoon decided that he would show him a more efficient way of management; Jhun Hoon's methods are much more new-age and strange than Kim's simple harsh exercises, including lots of special equipment and activities, such as attending pop concerts. He continues to challenge Kim on his methods of enforcement and his skills as a fighter, to which they agree to work together during this time.

Power Edit

Slashing Feet

Energy Attack

Cutting Aura

Music Edit

Way to Rebirth (King of Fighters 99)

Wild Party (King of Fighters 00)

Seoul Love (King of Fighters 03)

Triple Asia Alliance (King of Fighters 02: Unlimited Match)

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