Personal Info Edit

Birthdate: June 6, 1980

Age: 14-16

Birthplace: China

Height: 5’7 (169)-5’7 (170)

Weight: 121 (55)

Style: Teiou Ken

History Edit

Chonrei is the older twin brother of Chonshu. When they were six, they lost their parents to an epidemic around their home. Before their father died, he spoke of Qin Wang Long (秦王龍), one of their family's ancient ancestors. Long was a celebrated general of the great Qin Shi Huang, who single-handedly slain 1,000 men by his hand. Their father convinced them that they had the same blood of this warrior and soon passed away. Left to fend for themselves, the brothers worked together to support themselves and live up to their family name. As they grew older, they also began to detest other people. When they were fourteen, they were bullied by children and left in a half dead state on the streets. Two spirits of their 2, 200 year old ancestors possessed their bodies.

The spirit that possessed Chonrei was known as Qin Kong Long (秦空龍), making the boy into a fearsome monster in combat. The spirit that possessed Chonshu was Qin Hai Long (秦海龍), who was also Kong's younger brother. During the Qin Dynasty, they created the "Qin Book of Secrets" (known in modern times as the "Jin scrolls"). Within these scrolls lie Wang Long's soul, who is actually Kong's son. Knowing that they cannot exist in this realm without these scrolls, the spirits look for them to resurrect Wang Long and their original bodies into the realm of the living. They then wanted to continue their conquests in society.

They know the scrolls are in Southtown, and send Ryuji Yamazaki to search the city, however several other characters are also searching the scrolls for different reasons. If the player did well throughout the course of the game, then after defeating his younger brother Jin Chonshu, Chonrei appears and becomes extremely angry, promising that the player would not leave the place alive. Regardless of whether or not Chonrei was reached, the player's character's ending would play afterwards.

It is said that these scrolls will determine who is strongest fighter in the world. After the climax of Legend of the Hungry Wolf: Distant Battle, Geese Howard successfully collected all three scrolls. Both brothers continue their search for them. When they find the scrolls, Chonrei disobeys his ancestors and tears them up. His ancestors leave their bodies and the twins continue their lives as normal children under Tung's wing.

Powers Edit

Energy Channeling

Energy Creation

Energy Projectile

Energy Vampirism


Dragon Beam


Music Edit

2nd from Pandora’s Box: Mist (MediaWiki:Badtitletext, Real Bout Legend of the Hungry Wolf)

3rd from Pandora’s Box: Determination (Real Bout Legend of the Hungry Wolf Special, Real Bout Legend of the Hungry Wolf 2)

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