Personal Info Edit

Birthdate: February 15

Age: 30

Birthplace: USA

Height: 5’11 (182)

Weight: 168 (76)

Blood Type: B

Job: Former Martial Arts Instructor for the US Navy, Member of Mr. Big’s syndicate

Style: Martial Arts, Original Homicide Techniques

History Edit

John Crawley was a captain in the navy and a martial arts instructor that was known as the "Mad dog" and the "Killing Machine". During a mission he was shot in the back, but was eventually saved by Mr. Big. John retired from the navy and eventually joined Mr. Big's syndicate. He fought Ryo and Robert aboard the carrier, the Guardian, but was defeated. John then told the duo to meet Mr. Big at the factory.

Powers Edit

Energy Projectile

Energy Attack

Skills Edit




Music Edit

Kouko Bokan (FDT)

Mustang Man (FDT 2)

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