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"The year, 1994. Once again the invitations to the King of Fighters find their ways to the world's most wicked warriors. But the patron of this little party remains unknown. It cannot be Geese, nor can it be Krauser. So who could they be from...? Among all the hopes and doubts, the legendary superstars of the fighting world begin to form their mighty teams. What type of battle with these magnificent fighters sure to go down in history show us? The voltage of the fan's excitement reaches a fevered pitch as the tournament finally approaches its beginning."

Rugal Bernstein, an influential black market weapons and drugs dealer bored of the lack of competition, sent out 24 invitations to certain individuals around the world. Eight teams had entered, each representing a different country.

At the tournament's conclusion, Mature, Rugal's personal secretary, invited the Japan team to fight their final match within Black Noah. It is there when Rugal revealed the true purpose of his tournament: defeat the winning team and add them to his grisly collection of previous challengers. Kyo sees his defeated father there and decides to avenge him. As Rugal is finally beaten, he triggers the self-destruct mechanism on his ship. The team escapes and reflects on their victory.

Characters Edit

Terry Bogard

Andy Bogard

Joe Higashi

Mai Shiranui

Kim Kaphwan

Ryo Sakazaki

Robert Garcia

Takuma Sakazaki

Yuri Sakazaki


Ralf Jones

Clark Still

Athena Asamiya

Sie Kensou


Choi Bounge

Chang Koehan

Chin Gentsai

Heavy D

Lucky Glauber

Brian Battler

Rugal Bernstein

Kyo Kusanagi

Benimaru Nikaido

Goro Daimon

Teams Edit

Hero Team

Legend of the Hungry Wolf Team

Ikari Team

Women Fighters Team

Fist of the Dragon and Tiger Team

Kim Team

Pyscho Soldier Team

American Sports Team

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