Personal Info Edit

Title:                Ice Doll

Birthdate:            May 29

Age:                     14-18

Height:                 5’3 (159)-5’7 (169)

Weight:                106 (48)

Job:                       Former NESTS Agent

Weapon:             Ice Skate

Style:                  Anti-K' Arts


Kula Diamond is a being created with the codename Anti-K by NESTS to exterminate the cartel's traitor, K'. She possesses the same design as K', and her clothes are almost identical to K's, with DNA altered to use ice powers instead. Despite the fact that their subject was a mindless puppet with no sign of emotions (aside from being an innocent young girl), the NESTS cartel was not willing to repeat the same mistake they made with K'. Therefore, NESTS created an android called Candy Diamond, who would monitor Kula's behavior and assure that Kula would accomplish her missions, providing assistance in battle if she was needed. NESTS also assigned two of their top agents (Diana and Foxy) to supervise and prevent any sort of betrayal by Kula.

She is often ordered by either Diana or Foxy to exterminate other traitors to NESTS -such as Zero or Igniz- but has been known to disobey her orders for the sake of others, such as the destruction of the Zero Cannon. After NESTS's destruction, she allies herself on friendly terms with her target, K' and his companions, understanding that both their lives were ruined by NESTS. Whip affectionately refers to her as the "little sister" of the group. Prior to the KOF XIII tournament, she was staying with K' and Maxima at their apartment. She became cellphone buddies with Chin Gentsai, who promised that she would get a lot of ice cream if she entered the tournament with her comrades. With Whip asking her to do the same, she entered herself and her teammates in the KOF XIII tournament.

In the Maximum Impact series, Kula accepts to enter in the tournament to search for Dr. Makishima under the orders of Heidern, as the doctor is needed to repair Maxima's failing nuclear core. During the tournament, she finds a rival in the form of Nagase, and defeats her, with the latter swearing revenge for the humiliation she suffered. Kula eventually discovers that the doctor had been taken elsewhere, and leaves the tournament.

Power Edit


Ice Creation

Ice Breath


Ice Strike

Slippery Floor

Ice Shield

Ice Projectile

Snowflake Projectile

Ice Body


Ice Spike

Freeze Air


Music Edit

Ice Palace (King of Fighters 00)

NESTS: Dark Ruler (King of Fighters 01)

Deserted Town (King of Fighters 02)

KDD-0075 (King of Fighters 11, King of Fighters 13)

KDD-0063 (KOF 13)

Diamond Dust (King of Fighters 02: Unlimited Match)

Kula Roulette (King of Fighters 2)

Candy Rain (Days of Memories)

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