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Geese Howard: a man feared by the world as the dark ruler of Southtown. He shocked the land with his violent techniques and was confident that no one could ever top him. To rid himself of the man, Geese took the life the street champ, Jeff Bogard. However, several years later, three men arose to stop Geese's ambition. They were the sons of the dead Jeff, Terry and Andy Bogard, and Muai Thai champ, Joe Higashi.

After Geese was defeated by them, he was believed to be dead. However, as time passed, a disturbing rumor began to float around the world.

Geese is alive.

His elder half-brother, Wolfgang Krauser, took the reigns of the underworld after his younger brother's passing. However, the resurrected Geese deprives Krauser his seat of glory and the Bogard brothers burn with the flames of revenge. Terry and Andy hear where Geese is located.

"We're coming for you, Geese!"

A new legend is about to begin.

Characters Edit

Terry Bogard

Andy Bogard

Joe Higashi


Mai Shiranui

Kim Kaphwan

Tung Fu Rue

Cheng Sinzan

Jubei Yamada

Axel Hawk

Duck King

Billy Kane

Laurence Blood

Geese Howard

Wolfgang Krauser

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