Personal Info Edit

Birthdate:            February 16

Birthplace:          Hebei Province, China

Height:                 6’5 (195)

Weight:                165 (75)

Blood:                   Poison

Job:                        Hizoku Assassin

Style:                     Qing Shen Gong, Zhang Martial Arts

Story Edit

Lin is a member of the Hizoku clan of assassins and was Ron's good friend in the village. He was in charge of training the nine princes of Xi Du, the sons of Ron. He even trained Ron's illegitimate daughter, Xiao Lon. He eventually was appointed the Deva of his division.

When Ron betrayed and murdered many of the Hizoku, Lin joined forces with the three of the Four Devas, Luan, Chat and Sai. He was enticed by the agent Seth to enter the King of Fighters tournament in order to find their clan's missing leader. After learning that Ron had defected to NESTS, he tracks the activities of NESTS's renegades, K' and company, in hopes of finding his leader. He continues to search for Ron even after NESTS's destruction, presumably meaning to execute him. For an unexplained reason, he appears next to Ron in the Psycho Soldier Team's ending in The King of Fighters XI.

Power Edit

Poison Control

Poison Blood

Poison Spit

Hand Slash

Multi-Hand Strike



Necromantic Limb Travel


Music Edit

Inner Shade (King of Fighters 00)

Big Pain (King of Fighters 01)

Triple Asia Alliance (King of Fighters 02: Unlimited Match)

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