Perosnal Info Edit

Height: 5’11 (180)

Weapon: Short Sword (2,L), Small Shield (2,L), Chicken Leg (3), Pot Lid (3)

Weapon Name: Gyulkus Weapon (2), Meat on the Bone (Soul Calibur 44)

History Edit

Lizardmen are half-human, half-beast creatures created from human experiments. They don't retain much memories of their human lives, becoming mere servants for the priests to order around. The Lizardman featured in the American and European releases of Soulcalibur 2 is one of the many Lizardmen created by Fygul Cestemus to do their bidding. Though they don't have in-game backstory or ending, they have a profile of their own in the "Soulcalibur II Official Complete Guide". The guide states that the lizardmen are used in two main groups: the first one to collect fragments of Soul Edge and the second one as loyal slaves. There were some rumors claiming that the lizardmen's leader, the transformed human Aeon Calcos (also known as Lizardman), was set free of the brainwashing by the power that defeated Nightmare, so the sect Fygul Cestemus is using stronger spells on the remaining lizardmen to avoid such incidents. In battle the lizardman uses the sword and shield called "Gyulkus Weapon". They are cursed weapons given by the sect Fygul Cestemus to carry on battle. There are two types of their shields, one is based on Sophitia's Gladius, Fire Blade, and Synval designs, and the second is based on Cassandra's Spine Blade, Metesashi, and Dark Blade shields. Also, his fighting style is a mixture of the two characters'.

Lizardmen are also featured as common enemies in Soulcalibur Legends. They appear similar to the lizardman's first, third, and fifth costumes in Soulcalibur 2. However, unlike their Soulcalibur 2 counterparts, they wield axes resembling the ones Aeon Calcos uses. They also possess the ability to use some sort of blue breath weapon.

Generic lizardmen also appear in Soulcalibur 3, although one can only play as them using cheats. They appear as a "Prepare to Defend Yourself!" challenge where the player must defeat 20 of them in quick succession. They use pot lids and chicken legs as weapons in this instalment. After this installment, the generic lizardmen apparently choose to follow the leadership of the more intelligent, more powerful Aeon Calcos, serving as his personal soldiers.

The Generic Lizardmen/women are also featured in one of the stages in Soulcalibur 4, carrying ludicrously oversized knives and forks, waiting for one of the fighters to lose so they can feast on the unfortunate individual. If a fighter is slammed against one, he/she will fall into the water surrounding the arena. In some characters' story modes, the generic Lizardmen must be fought, along with their master, Aeon Calcos. When playing Calcos' story mode, he will be accompanied by a generic Lizardman wielding Meat on the Bone as a weapon (note that the playable generic Lizardman is actually a redesigned version of Aeon Calcos' alternate costume using Character Creation parts).

The Generic Lizardmen in Soulcalibur II are renowned as the "most agile" character(s) in the game. But, this is mainly when the game is played on the Ultra Hard or Extremely Hard difficulies. Occasionally, in Team Battle and Extra Team Battle, the player may have to fight the team of three Lizardmen (even though the player can only have 1 of a character, so the player can never have the same team), which usually occurs as the very first battle.

By Soulcalibur 5, most of the Lizardmen who were free of the cult had died. However, a new cultist, the former assistant of the now deceased original creator, is taking care of research now, and apparently despite there being less individuals, new varieties of Lizardmen are appearing.

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