Personal Info Edit

Birthplace: Polishlit Kiev, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Ukraine)

Birthdate: March 31, 1575

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Blood Type: A

Weapon: Tambourine

Weapon Name: Cepheus Seal

Style: Li-Lin Battle Dance

Soul: Joy

History Edit

Lynette's profile doesn't give too many details of her past or how she came to work with Cepheus. She's the one in charge of selling clothes and accessories, but she's in search of her life's calling.

She often saw her co-workers work hard to become what they've chosen as their careers, and usually compared herself to them. Even though she lived in a town in the Ukraine, she was yet to find something she would focus her energy on. One day, Cepheus, realizing her suffering, came and told her to be patient, that she didn't need to be like the others, and that she should take her time and find her answer.

Since then, Lynette has started to travel in search of an answer. She went from store to store, trying to work there while hearing others' experience and stories. She asked customers as well, and also took walks outside. Eventually she took other hobbies, like dancing and self-defense. Still nothing seemed appealing to her. She would still search, for the world is wide and full of surprises.

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