Personal Info Edit

Birthdate:            June 26

Birthplace:          Japan                   

Height:                 5’7 (169)

Weight:                115 (52)

Blood:                   AB

Job:                        Orochi Seal Keeper

Style:                     Kagura

History Edit

Maki is the late elder sister of Chizuru Kagura, also from the Yata clan. Not much is known about her, except she was killed trying to protect the seal of Orochi against the leader of the Hakkesshu, Goenitz. The Maki who appears in The King of Fighters 2003 is an illusion created by the Mirror of Yata by Chizuru, who was, at the time, under the control of Botan, a member of Those from the Past.

Powers Edit

Mirror Image


Shadow Creation


Energy Manipulation

Music Edit

Sacredness: Fairy (KOF 03)

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