Personal Info Edit

Birthdate:            October 11, 1771

Birthplace:          Ainu Moshiri Kamui Kotan, Japan

Height:                 5’1 (154.5)

Blood:                   AB

Job:                        Ainu Priestess

Weapon:             Father Bull (Sword)

Style:                     Shikanna-Kamui Dancing Sword Arts

History Edit

At 15, she and Rimururu are playing in the forest when Mamahaha flies in holding her father's sword. Sensing her father was in danger, she apologized to Rimururu and leaves. Upon reaching Hinowa, Nakoruru tells Gaoh that his war is hurting the planet. Gaoh proclaims he will build a new country and will destroy any who would stand in his way. At his defeat, Kamui appears before her, asking Nakoruru to follow her father's footsteps as he was killed. Nakoruru asks what would happen if she declined and is told another maiden would be asked to be the successor. Not wanting Rimururu to be put at risk, Nakoruru accepts to become the new Kamui warrior of Kamui Kotan.

She continues to fulfill this role throughout the series protecting nature and defeating villains often alongside Haohmaru. However, after overthrowing Mizuki Rashojin, she sacrifices herself to restore nature's balance and becomes one with the spirit of Nature. In Samurai Spirits 64, her apparent death is retconned. Instead of sacrificing herself, she slept within Kamui Kotan's forests and was protected by the spirits of nature. At nature's beckoning, she awakens to fight the disturbing presence caused by MediaWiki:Badtitletext. Sometime after Yuga's second defeat, she eventually returns to her slumber.

Later in Warriors Rage, she transcends even further and melds her soul with Gaia to become a Divine Spirit in nature's service. As one of the "Maidens of Light", she travels across space and time to prevent the disasters of the world from occurring. However, she is stopped in her quest by a magical spell cast by Jigen Taishi in Ritenkyo. This leaves Nakoruru unable to assume her original form, and she can only battle evil through the strength of her fellow forest sprits. Weakened, she knows she must stop Oboro's evil plan, but cannot without the Maiden of Light Rimururu, who has been sealed by Oboro. She sets out on a quest to free her sister and together combine their powers to defeat evil.

In Sen, she follows the runaway Rimururu, hoping to protect her younger sister from the danger that she sensed. She also left her home to tell Rimururu the reason why she is in her current predicament.

Powers Edit

Listening to Nature

Energy Slash



Music Edit

Nature Party (Samurai Spirits, Legend of Swordsmen, SNK Gals Fighters, SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium)

Nature Party: Haru (Haohmaru Hell Change)

Shizen no Ibuki (Peerless Blade of Zankuro)

Nature Party: So no ni (Amakusa’s Descent, Samurai Spirits Zero)

Banquet Invitation (MediaWiki:Badtitletext)

4 Seasons (Samurai Spirits 64)

Wind (Samurai Spirits 64: Warrior’s Rage)

Forest Spirit (Legend of Swordsmen)

Banquet of Nature (Legend of Swordsmen)

Purification (LOS)

Shizen no Uta: Jiai no Kaze (Nakoruru ADV)

Summer is Gone, Winter is Here (Samurai Remix VA)

Nakoruru (Asura Zanmaden)

Shizen no Uta (100 Mega Shock)

Banquet of Nature: ROF (Rhythm of Fighters)

Koko no Oide (Neo Geo Gals Vocal Collection)

Koe o Kikasaete (Neo Geo DJ Station)

Kokoro wo Tsunaide (NGDJS)

Heavy Baby’s 1, 2, 3 (NGDJS)

Miko no Densho Uta (Nakoruru ADV)

Ashita no Hate (NADV)

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