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See Also: Pyrrha Alexandra

Weapon: Short Sword Soul Edge. Small Shield Soul Edge

Weapon Name: Soul Edge

Style: Memories of Soul Edge, protection of Eumenides

Stage Edit

Dever Castle: Eye of Chaos

Theme Edit

Adorned with Evil

History Edit

Arrested for the murder of her master Jurgis, Pyrrha sat quietly in the cold stone prison. She assumed the approaching footsteps belonged to her executioner, but instead a girl named Tira appeared before her. With skillful words, Tira wormed her way into Pyrrha's heart; when the young woman handed her a sword and shield, Pyrrha never thought to refuse her poisoned gift.

Then Tira pulled out a red metal fragment, and as soon as Pyrrha saw it, she felt something deep within begin to throb in unison with the fragment's pulsating glow.

The two fragments of Soul Edge were resonating as one.

Seventeen years ago, Pyrrha's mother Sophitia had embedded a shard of Soul Edge within her. Now, in the presence of Tira's fragment, the dormant shard awakened. It set loose the dark emotions that Pyrrha had sealed deep within her heart, and began to gnaw away at her sanity.

An inhuman wail shattered the still night, marking the violent birth of the being who would succeed —and perhaps even surpass— the Azure Nightmare. They would come to call her the "Crimson Despair"...

Critical Edge Edit

Omega Therion

Pyrrha Omega stabs her opponent in the guts, lifts them in the air, stabs them deeper and creates an explosion that sends the opponent into the air, landing on the ground.

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