Personal Info Edit

Birthdate:            December 3

Birthplace:          Mexico

Age:                      25

Height:                 5’7 (170)

Weight:                176 (80)

Blood:                   A

Job:                        Freelance Agent, Luchador

Style:                     Lucha Libre                         

Story Edit

He is a famous Lucha Libre wrestler who is loved by his fans in the wrestling circle. He was approached by Vanessa, who requested in his cooperation with forming a team for The King of Fighters 2000 tournament. Feeling he could expand his horizons and competitive spirit further, he accepted to cooperate with her. Since then, he has a one-sided infatuation with Vanessa. After The King of Fighters 2000, he continues to team with Vanessa upon her request, often along with Seth.

Music Edit

KD-0084 (King of Fighters 00, King of Fighters 02)

Immortal Sun Mirror (King of Fighters 01)

Secret Circumstance (King of Fighters 11)

Undercover (King of Fighters 02: Unlimited Match)

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