Story Edit

The tales of the legendary battle has been unfurled. Eyes met on both sides and fists clashed. Fate ironically took hold of the chaos and started another sublime development.

Even if there seems to be no requests for it...

Now, the experienced fighters can reflect on their fights and wounds. What recognition were they looking for with their strength?

Each of them are legends in their own right. No one wants to assume that this fight can change this fact. However, no fight is ever perfect. These fights alone could not satisfy them...

Wings spread to the sky... United to decide who is the superior, the martial artists gather to refine themselves in battle.

On the stage known as the Real Bout Fatal Fury Special.

Characters Edit

Terry Bogard

Andy Bogard

Joe Higashi

Mai Shiranui

Blue Mary

Kim Kaphwan

Duck King

Hon Fu

Cheng Sinzan

Tung Fu Rue

Ryuji Yamazaki

Sokaku Mochizuki

Jin Chonshu

Jin Chonrei

Bob Wilson

Franco Bash

Billy Kane

Laurence Blood

Wolfgang Krauser

Geese Howard (Nightmare)

Andy Bogard (Shadow)

Blue Mary (EX)

Billy Kane (EX)

Tung Fu Rue (EX)

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