Personal Info Edit

Birthplace: London, British Empire (England)

Birthdate: December 14, 1549

Age: 35-42

Gender: Male

Height: 5’9 (175)-5’9.5 (176)

Weight: 179 (81)-187-(85)

Weapon: Battle Axe (SB, SC) Giant Mace

Weapon Names: Apocalypse (SB, SC), Onslaught

Style: Self-Taught

Stages Edit

Unknown  Land (SB)

Coliseum (SC)

Lakeside Coliseum (3)

Ice Coffin of the Sleeping Ancient (4)

Sleeping Marsh (BD)

Theme Edit

Recollect Continent (SB, BD)

A Continental Theme (SB)

Gathering: Fatal Gravity (SC)

Confrontation (3)

Soul Edit


History Edit

Soul Blade Edit

Born the son of Mr. Adams, an English curio dealer specializing in rare weapons, Nathaniel William Adams obtained his nickname, "Rock," because of his immense strength. Rock's father had bid on Soul Edge at a secret auction, and was bringing it home on his ship with family on board when the dread pirate Cervantes de Leon attacked. Rock's father ran to the storage room to hide Soul Edge, and his mother ran after to stop him, telling Rock to stay where he was until their return; but they never came back, and the ship sank before they even had the chance. Rock washed up on the shore of the New World, where he learned to live off the land as the Native Americans had been practicing for many centuries before. He tried to join one of the tribes in the area, but they were afraid of the "White Giant," and the only one to befriend him was a young Apache boy, Bangoo, whose parents had been killed in tribal warfare. Rock, by this time an adult, became a father figure to Bangoo.

Soul Calibur Edit

Rock eventually re-learned of the people across the ocean, and faded memories of his parents and Soul Edge began to resurface in his mind as he gradually recalled his past. He eventually decided that Soul Edge would be the key to his fully-restored memory and with only his moon axe in hand, Rock set out towards the sea, hoping to cross it and find his destiny. In a battle with the Grecian, Sophitia Alexandra, he fought without conviction. When she halted the battle to ask him why he was hesitant in his attacks, he realized that he was leaving Bangoo to grow up alone and that leaving Bangoo alone was no better than never adopting him at all. He thanked Sophitia for her help and returned to Bangoo in the New World. But one horrible day, the grand priest of the cult order Fygul Cestemus, Kunpaetku, sent out a group of lizard men, lead by Aeon Calcos, to kidnap the Native boy and lure Rock out to steal his soul. Taking the bait out of love for his foster son, Rock set out once again to Europe; but this time his motivation was not related to Soul Edge at all. He searched for a long time and eventually defeated Aeon Calcos in a battle, at the cost of his trusty axe. He saved Bangoo, but never truly discovered for what purpose Kunpaetku had wanted his soul out of all the souls available.

Soul Calibur 3 Edit

They were free once again, though they didn't return to the New World. Believing the travel at sea would be too much for young Bangoo, Rock decided to wait until he has become older to return. Heading north along the coast, they settled in northern Europe. There, they were greeted by a different and harder environment from that of his home. Rock wished for Bangoo to learn and strengthen himself amidst Mother Nature's limitless knowledge.

During one stormy winter night, Bangoo broke through thin ice while crossing the snowy valley. He fell into a crevice and spent the night with no way to warm himself. When he was rescued by Rock, he was exhausted, but the light had not faded from his eyes. Rock asked him if he was frightened of nature, for which he answered that yes, but that he can’t bring himself to hate it. Upon hearing this, Rock felt that Bangoo’s time had finally come. For his rite of passage, Bangoo chose to cross the sea on his own, an act he before couldn't do. Rock saw Bangoo off on his solitary journey with a multitude of emotions in his heart.

Alone once more, Rock thought to himself and finally decided that he wanted to prove that he's worthy of being Bangoo's father. He had once searched for Soul Edge without success, but now he would continue the search. In this journey, he would reaffirm his strength and will. Without doubts in his heart of who he was, Rock beholds the seas one last time before leaving.

Soul Calibur 4 Edit

Rock was crossing the Alps and heading south, continuing his hunt for Soul Edge. Suddenly, he was attacked by Astaroth, and was defeated. But he did manage to escape from death by jumping off a cliff and making his way to a hot spring, where he revived himself.

While he was recovering, Rock wondered why Astaroth's attacks were similar to his own. He then realized that this "Black Giant" was very powerful, and he must be stopped. After his wounds healed, Rock journeyed again.

Then he found out that Astaroth was now under Nightmare's service, who is now dwelling in the cursed city of Ostrheinsburg. Now Rock is looking for more than just proof. There was something much bigger waiting for him.

Endings Edit

Soul Blade Edit

Rock lifts the two Soul Edge swords up over his head. He begins to hve flashbacks to the night his ship was attacked and he was separated from his parents, shown in various slides. Some time later he stands upon a cliff with the Soul Edge swords, wondering if his parents are still alive.

Bad Edit

Bangoo is seen lost on a desert island calling for Rock, as Rock's voice apologizes to Bangoo for abandoning him.

Good Edit

Remembering that Bangoo's own parents were killed as well, Rock throws the Soul Edge swords down the cliff with a mighty roar, and roars Bangoo's name as he prepares to head home. The next scene is of Rock and Bangoo discussing their parentage on their native land. Rock asks Bangoo if he's lonely without his parents, to which Bangoo admits he's happy that he's with Rock. When Bangoo asks the same question, Rock considers the earth to be his only true parent, as it gave him his life to live with Bangoo. Bangoo is overjoyed when Rock agrees to stay with him for life.

Soul Calibur Edit

At the end of the fierce battle, Rock finally rescued Bangoo and returned back to their homeland in the wilderness. Although he staggered a little, Bangoo lifted Rock's ax high.

Bangoo: See, I'll be okay, Rock. I can take care of myself from now on.

With the passing of time, Bangoo became a strong young man. He would recall Rock's words whenever he saw a large cloud in the vast blue sky.

Rock: You'll leave someday on a quest of your own, to find your true self for yourself.

Soul Calibur 3 Edit

Rock looks out into the horizon shouting "I've finally obtained Soul Edge! I did it, Bangoo! I'll come home soon, Bangoo."

The screen fades, and then shows three sailors on a boat in the ocean. One of the sailors looks out into the ocean and sees something swimming. Unaware that it is Rock, the sailor says "What is that?! A whale? No, it's a beast! The other sailor replies "No, that is the protector of the sea."

Input Edit

As Rock becomes more visible, the sailor says "It's a monster! Ready the harpoon!" The screen fades to black once more, and then shows a row of cages. The first cage has Aeon Calcos, or Lizardman, trapped in it, the 2nd has Olcadan, and the 3rd has a very upset, trapped Rock.

No Input Edit

The sailors continue to look on as their boat drifts away from Rock, until he is unable to be seen anymore. (Note: In this ending, the costume you choose will occur. If the player chooses his primary costume, it will show a horned sea lion, if the player chooses his alternate costume, it will show a mammoth)

Soul Calibur 4 Edit

A defeated Algol tries to attack Rock once more, but Rock catches him and tosses him into the air. The screen fades, and Rock is now shown walking through the mountains. He stops, throws his hands up into the air, and chants "Bangoo!" He then laughs triumphantly.

The text-only epilogue reveals that Rock and Bangoo (father and son) found each other, and the two of them started their new life together.

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