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Birthplace: Jirisan, Korea (South Korea)

Birthdate: March 31, 1538

Age: 53

Gender: Male

Weapon: Chinese Sword

Weapon Name: Mountain Breaker, Blue Storm

Style: Seong Longsword

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Seong Dojo (SB)


History Edit

Soul Blade Edit

In the Ming Cult is also known as the Moni Cult (摩尼教) to pugilists but its name is often shortened to Mó Jiào (魔教), which literally means "Demon Cult". The cult originates in Persia and spreads to China in the 7th century. The cult is secretive in nature and conducts its activities and practices far away from the eyes of other pugilists in the Jianghu. Besides, its founding principle differentiates it strongly from other sects in the Jianghu. While other sects typically seek to become leaders and dominate the Jianghu, the cult adheres to its faith and laws strongly, which revolves around the principle of "delivering mankind from suffering and to eliminate evil". Thus, the cult is in fact a righteous sect and not an evil and unorthodox cult as it appears in the eyes of the Jianghu.

The cult faces strong persecution from the imperial government due to slanderous remarks by its enemies in the Imperial Court. Besides, pugilists and other sects in the Jianghu who are unaware of the cult's real motives due to its conservative nature, often speculate that it is evil in nature and they spread rumors. The cult's image in society and the Jianghu is adversely affected and it often struggles to survive in the face of powerful enemies.

During the Yuan Dynasty, the cult is responsible for conducting a series of rebellions to overthrow the tyrannical ruling dynasty and restore peace and order. However, the cult does not receive strong support from fellow sects and the common people and instead, it faces strong resistance from them. The six leading sects in the Jianghu (Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, Kunlun, Kongtong and Mount Hua) form an alliance to eradicate the cult during the battle at Bright Peak. Seong Han-Myeong resolves the conflict and exposes the cult's true nature to the Jianghu for the first time ever. Pugilists and other sects change their attitudes and views towards the cult after the battle and support the cult instead under Seong Han-Myeong's leadership to overthrow the Yuan Dynasty.

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