Personal Info Edit

Title: Young Rising Dragon          

Birthdate: September 23

Age: 18-19

Birthplace: China

Height: 5’7 (172)

Weight: 134 (61)

Blood: B

Style: Wing Chun Kung Fu

Story Edit

He is one of the young disciples of Chin Gentsai who wields psychic powers -dubbed by SNK as Psycho Powers. Both he and Athena are trained by Chin to prepare for "the worst case scenario of oncoming evil" and use the tournaments as a method of training for such an event. Plans go awry when Kensou loses his powers in The King of Fighters 99 yet saves Athena with a previously unknown latent energy.

It is later revealed to be the Dragon Spirit (龍の気, Ryu no ki), a power he somehow shares with younger teammate, Bao. He regains his powers and masters this newer power in The King of Fighters XI, much to the satisfaction of former NESTS member, Ron. The deeper meaning of the Dragon Spirit's importance has yet to be revealed. It's probable that the Dragon Spirit is a reference to Kensou's ability to morph into a dragon from Psycho Soldier.

=== Athena: Awakening from the Ordinary Life === Kensou remains relatively the same as his other incarnations. The main difference from this Kensou is that he doesn't exhibit psychic powers during the majority of the story. He declares himself to be "Athena's knight" and often rushes to her aid when she is in danger. He recklessly runs into one of her teleportations and joins her search in Tantauls' headquarters. While she is battling the Tantauls system, he temporarily shields her by using his previously latent psychic powers. During the ending, he comforts her brooding by trying to not over think things and repeats some of his kenpo teacher's advice. He also tries to confess his feelings for her but is interrupted when Athena spots a healthy Rika.

Power Edit


Psychic Projectile

Psychic Aura

Psychic Dragon

Dragon Spirit

Music Edit

Psycho Soldier: KOF (King of Fighters 94, King of Fighters 02)

Senritsu no Dora (King of Fighters 95, King of Fighters 98, King of Fighters 98: Unlimited Match)

Psycho Soldier Remix 96 (King of Fighters 96)

Shin: Senritsu no Dora (98, 98: UM)

Psyco Sonic Trip: Dance at the Paddy Field (King of Fighters 99)

Will (King of Fighters 00)

Psychic Guys (King of Fighters 01)

Pure: At Good Old Days (MediaWiki:Badtitletext, King of Fighters 13)

Purity Soldiers (KOF 13)

Psycho Soldier: Super Chinese Remix (King of Fighters 02: Unlimited Match)

Kensou (MediaWiki:Badtitletext)

Nikuman (Athena on Stage)

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