Personal Info Edit

Gender: Male

Height: 5’6 (168)

Weight: 212 (96.2)

Weapon: Zweihander Soul Edge

Weapon Name: Blazefire Saber

Stages Edit

Ostrheinsburg Castle (SC)

Ostrheinsburg Chapel (2)

Themes Edit

In the Name of the Father (SC)

Raise Thy Sword (2)

History Edit

Soul Calibur Edit

Nightmare's profile on the game explained how Siegfried obtained Soul Edge after a fierce fight against its former owner, the dread pirate MediaWiki:Badtitletext and the fiery demon that spawned within it afterward, Inferno. After that, the sword spoke to him, promising the resurrection of his dead father if he helped it gather souls. Unaware that it was a trick to restore the sword's power, Siegfried agreed and started a killing spree which eventually made him weak to Soul Edge's will. Nightmare was born soon after.

Soul Calibur 2 Edit

Nightmare's incarnation in Soulcalibur 2 remains mostly the same, with minor upgrades to his fighting style, mainly on his stance. As his and other character's profiles explain, he formed a group with Astaroth, Isabella "Ivy" Valentine and Aeon Calcos (the Lizardman) in an attempt to speed the gathering of souls and restoration of the sword's power. But during the ritual to restore Soul Edge, Castle Osthreinsburg was assaulted by Kilik, Maxi, and Chai Xianghua. With his allies either defeated or missing, Nightmare confronted Kilik and Xianghua and was ultimately defeated, later falling into the collapsing void where they fought. After waking up, Siegfried, apparently free, regained his senses and tried to distance himself from the world to atone for the sins he committed as Nightmare. But the sword slowly regained control over the young man and eventually Nightmare resurfaced to start another massacre on Europe. In this game, Nightmare is a starting character, while Siegfried turned into a third costume option for him. In his second costume option, it can be seen that most of the right side of Siegfried's chest has been corrupted in a similar manner to his arm, and his right eye has changed to a golden color.

Endings Edit

Soul Calibur Edit

The time had come... with countless souls stolen from brave warriors, the evil sword now transformed into an apparition of his father.

Frederick: Siegfried, my dear son...

Siegfried: F...Father...!

Frederick: Pierce me with this sword.

Siegfried: What!?

Frederick: I'm nothing more than an illusion. Reflect back upon your sins and repent.

Standing before his father's grave, he whispered to himself, "Is redemption possible?" And so he embarked upon a journey with atonement as his cross to bear, embracing within his heart the last wishes of his father.

Soul Calibur 2 Edit

"Resist the evil presence!" The dormant soul within him awakened. Sanity regained, he took his sword in hand and vowed to never sleep again as he wandered the lands. Eventually, he came upon a crevasse that ran deep into the earth and cast the sword into its dark abyss. He then destroyed the path leading to the chasm and became its guardian for eternity. . .

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