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Birthdate: March 15, 1971

Age: 22-34

Birthplace: USA

Height: 5’11 (182)

Weight: 170 (77)-273 (124)

Blood Type: O

History Edit

Legend of the Hungry Wolf

Terry and Andy were orphans who raised themselves on the streets. They were soon adopted by Jeff Bogard and eventually lived in Southtown. When Terry was 10, he witnessed the death of his father at the hands of Geese Howard. Knowing that they needed more training to confront Geese, the brothers made an oath to spend a decade to fine tune their martial arts before trying to avenge their father. Unlike his brother Andy, who left Southtown to train in Japan, Terry chose to wander in his home country, combining the skills learned from his father, his father's mentor Tung Fu Rue, and abilities gained from the streets.

A decade later, the crime lord Geese Howard organized a tournament, dubbed The King of Fighters. Terry, Andy and Muay Thai Kickboxing champion Joe Higashi would enter with the purpose of facing Geese. The battle that followed would eventually see Terry defeating Geese, and for some time, it was thought that Geese perished in the battle. The next year saw Geese's half-brother Wolfgang Krauser take control of The King of Fighters, and bringing the once Southtown-only tournament onto the world stage. The finals of this new tournament would again see Terry fighting the sponsor and him ultimately defeating Krauser. During this event, he befriended many of the contestants and became a hero of Southtown.

Some time later it was revealed that Geese had survived his encounter with Terry. The Bogards and friends learned of Geese's intentions to retrieve the legendary Jin scrolls, Terry once again challenged and defeated him. Afterwards, Geese fled. Terry faced Yamazaki, then challenged the Jin brothers. Standing now as the victor, Terry once again was the champion. However, Geese had escaped with the scrolls. During the next game, Real Bout Legend of the Hungry Wolf, Terry managed to get all the way through the tournament to Geese for one final conflict. At the end of the fight, he knocked Geese off the edge of Geese Tower, but grabbed hold of Geese's hand and tried to keep him from falling. But this was not to be, as Geese knocked Terry's hand away, plummeting to what is believed to be his permanent death. Sometime after their final conflict, Terry encountered a boy by the name of Rock Howard (Geese's son). Taking him in, he would teach him how to fight as they travel together around the world.

After the events of the Real Bout series of Legend of the Hungry Wolf, the story shifts to Second Southtown. Kain R. Heinlein, who was raised in Second South, claimed the city as his own and threatened to throw populace into chaos once more so that people could "enjoy living" once more. About 10 years after the events in Real Bout Legeng of the Hungry Wolf, the MediaWiki:Badtitletext (hosted and sponsored by Kain) would go underway, and Terry and Rock were invited to take part of the tournament.

In Rock Howard's ending, Terry approaches the ruins of a mansion and finds out that Rock is now Kain's partner, and knows that he must trust Rock's decision to stick with Kain for a while. Terry then leaves the vicinity, knowing that Rock has finally left his den. After this, it is presumed Terry resumed his life of the lone wolf, leaving an uncertain future ahead. It is unknown whether Rock's ending is the canon ending, however.

In his own ending he wanders Second Southtown thinking about what Kain told him about the nature of humanity. He decides that life is "all about heart" and Kain was wrong.

In his development blog for King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2, Ureshino states that he doesn't know about Rock's mother or the true inheritor of Geese's legacy but hints that it would most likely conflict with Terry.

King of Fighters Edit

In The King of Fighters series, SNK used Terry's background story of Legend of the Hungry Wolf1-2, in that after he had defeated Geese and Krauser, he received an invitation to enter a new team fighting tournament called The King of Fighters '94. Since then, Terry has been in many installments as team captain of Team Legend of the Hungry Wolf. Though the team's roster has changed through the years, Terry has always been present, and is notable as one of the few characters to appear in every King of Fighters game thus far. He also has a rivalry with Ryo which is mostly exclusive to this series.

His possible death was played on during The King of Fighters '99 where he stayed behind in the collapsing NESTS's base. He didn't contact with any of his friends or loved ones until a year later. In his time of absence, Terry tracked down NESTS's men who were targeting Mary. He decides to help her out in her job by teaming up with her in the 2000 and 2001 tournaments.

He organizes his teams with various members in the following years, being the one to ask Tizoc in 2003 and Duck King into the team for King of Fighters XI. To catch up and to reunite the legendary trio of Southtown, he joins up with his brother and Joe once more in King of Fighters XIII. Before their meeting, he had to endure a long journey back to the city and fell asleep at the station. He calls up Mary to give him a ride to Paopao Cafe, and he cheerfully arrives late over 30 minutes late. His tardiness and usual attitude for any tournament upsets Joe, who knows that he and Andy have their own responsibilities besides the tournament. Although Terry doesn't understand why his friend is upset, he has a sparring match with him in Paopao Cafe.

Powers Edit


Gather Chi


Energy Projectile

Energy Attack

Energy Geyser

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Music Edit

A Somewhat Stylish Brawling Punk (Legend of the Hungry Wolf)

Chestnuts and Mashed Sweet Potatoes (Legend of the Hungry Wolf 2, Legend of the Hungry Wolf Special, King of Fighters 98, King of Fighters 98: UM, King of Fighters 02)

Big Shot (Legend of the Hungry Wolf 3, Real Bout Legend of the Hungry Wolf, King of Fighters 96, King of Fighters 11)

Chestnuts and Forever (Real Bout Legend of the Hungry Wolf Special, Real Bout Legend of the Hungry Wolf 2, King of Fighters 97, SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium, King of Fighters R-2)

11th Street (Legend of the Hungry Wolf: Wild Ambition)

Big Shot XL (Legend of the Hungry Wolf: Wild Ambition)

Sunrise on the Train (Garou: Mark of the Wolves)

Nepolitan Blues (King of Fighters 94)

Club M: Flute in the Sky (King of Fighters 95)

176th Street (King of Fighters 99)

Terry 115 (King of Fighters 00)

All OK (King of Fighters 01)

Prolongation King of Fighters 03)

Street Dancer (King of Fighters 11, 13)

Wild Street (King of Fighters 13)

Sunshine Glory (King of Fighters 02: Ultimate Match

Atana Hikaru (Days of Memories)

Moon Wolf KM Cool Emotion Mix (King of Fighters Dance Trax)

Legend of Dawn (Legend of the Hungry Wolf Movie)

Song of Fighters (King of Fighters 95)

Shooting Star (Real Bout Legend of the Hungry Wolf 2: Newcomers

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