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Title:                      Awakened Orochi Blood from the Darkness Leona

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When Goenitz came to ask Gaidel for help to ressurect Orochi, Leona was there. Goenitz activated the Riot of the Blood within her and she murdered her family and the entire village. Years later, in 1997, near the finals of the '97 tournament, the Riot of the Blood once again was triggered and Leona went berserk, attacking her team mates, Ralf and Clark, but she was eventually defeated. In 2003, the Orochi seal was damaged once again and she entered the Riot of the Blood, badly injuring Ralf and Clark.

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Control Crisis (King of Fighters 97, King of Fighters 98: Unlimited Match)

Jungle Bouncer (King of Fighters 02)

Desert Requiem: Operation 02 UM (MediaWiki:Badtitletext)

Irregular Mission (King of Fighters 13)

Smell of Gunpowder (KOF 13)

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