Personal Info Edit

Birthdate:          October 7

Age:                     44

Height:                 6’4 (193)

Weight:                194 (88)

Blood:                   O

Job:                       Former NESTS Executive

Weapon:             Special Suit

Story Edit

During The King of Fighters '99, Zero was commanded to watch over the performance of the Kusanagi cloning process, set forth by one of their lower ranked officers, Krizalid. Acting as the project supervisor, he monitored all actions done by Krizalid and also analyzed the performance of K'. After he neutralizes the Kyo clones and terminates Krizalid, he begins to secretly build his own weapon from NESTS's technology called the "Zero Cannon", setting it to operate with the same technology found in Krizalid's battle armor.

He sets his plans into motion in The King of Fighters 2000. There, he impersonates Ling, a military commander and close friend to Heidern. Using his Ling persona as a decoy, he tricks and captures Heidern to stop the military resistance against him. He then fights the winning team of the tournament, planning to use their fighting capacities to power his Zero Cannon. His plans were foiled by Kula Diamond, Foxy, Diana and Candy Diamond. The game's story highly implies that he is killed by Whip after he privately reveals some shocking information to her (this is made more clear in the Japanese version where she aims her gun at him and the shot is audible).

Power Edit

Dark Arts

Shadow Trap

Dark Explosion

Black Hole

Music Edit

Slasher Zero (King of Fighters 00)

Dark Gravitation (King of Fighters 02: Unlimited Match)

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